Apple Launch Event + iPhone 5 Pre-orders on September 12th!

According to rumors on the web, Apple will be holding a media event on September 12th to introduce the New iPhone. It was previously rumored that this event would include details about the iPad Mini, iOS 6, and New Generation of iPod's; however it makes sense that the iPhone 5 is just too popular to have to share that spotlight. Apple has decided to tighten up the schedule with pre-orders beginning on...

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What's the matter?
justdeals Aug 30, 2012
I think Apple "in general" is going down, Samsung is taking over. This is life!
Norbs Aug 31, 2012
Yeah I think you are right, Apple is basically Samsung's R&D department.
Norbs Aug 29, 2012
That is a horrible picture to use as the face of this and there is no official announcement.
Norbs Aug 31, 2012
OK cool thanks for the, I'll return the favor. Unfortunately doesn't change that I'm right and the next iPhone looks nothing like this.
zoneric Aug 29, 2012
iPhone 5 has been announced officially? that's something. many people are waiting for months.
stanluca Aug 29, 2012
How is this a deal?
zoneric Aug 29, 2012
it's not an actual deal. it's "News" as you can see.
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ancagavs Aug 29, 2012
so cool. I guess everyone is waiting for the new iPhone. thanks for the info.
MrBklynW Aug 28, 2012
Thanks for the news. i tired of waiting=T
blackfoot Aug 28, 2012
Look forward to seeing the new phone, Thanks for the heads up.
chinadietpills Aug 28, 2012
I look forward to see the Iphone5,
newjerseychickxo Aug 28, 2012
I'm passing this on to my granddaughter. thanks for the post.
mysocu Aug 28, 2012
Thanks for information. that is so cool.
encorez Aug 28, 2012
Mods please see who is the thumbs down fool, and ban their ass.....please.
Uetian Aug 29, 2012
Those assessing should be banned who don't have respect for others. Every one make his choice . Chill
nimrodboy3 Aug 28, 2012
man..i guess someone really doesn't want an iPhone5
abu5692 Aug 28, 2012
Thanks for info. As soon as available in sept. I will sign for another 2 years with new iPhone 5
encorez Aug 28, 2012
It better have an awesome camera or else I will stay with my galaxy s 3
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rd995 Aug 28, 2012
i been waiting for an upgrade for a year now i was about to get the galaxy s3 but still waiting
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abhingb Aug 28, 2012
I am eagerly waiting for iphone 5.. Atleast now, will it be iphone 5? or is it an iphone 4.5?
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arsiel Aug 28, 2012
We'll find out on September 12th!
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AgentGhost Aug 28, 2012
The iPhone 4s was a "4.5", I'm sure fans would be really upset if this turned out to be a "iPhone 4.75"
Christine Aug 28, 2012
hahhahaha iphone 4.75...that would just be too hilarious!
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nimrodboy3 Aug 28, 2012
thanks for the heads up!
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