Apple - Remembering Steve Jobs

As a money makers account holder I think it is only fair that whatever money that is made off of this posting be donated to Cancer and Cancer research. Please share this link so the donation can be made.
In the dilemma of recent events...please remember your loved ones and know that cancer is out there and it can effect the closest to us all.
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What's the matter?
iowahawkeyes Feb 14, 2012
This is sad. Cancer is getting pretty close to being cured though....
zhn2011zhn Nov 15, 2011
he is such a great man!
dumondetrancer Oct 06, 2011
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di1229 Oct 06, 2011
I love Mac and am supportive to any spirit behind it for ever. In the memory of STEVE JOBS...
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taidam Oct 06, 2011
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tonman23 Oct 06, 2011
I could only imagine what the computer and tech industry would be if his mother aborted instead of giving him up for adoption. Truly an inspirational man.
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gangster15 Oct 06, 2011
One of the greatest innovators of our time. RIP you little beauty of a man.
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kandukuriv Oct 06, 2011
Big loss for technology innovation, I will pray for his peace
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Jtelford Oct 06, 2011
I am deeply saddened by his loss. I almost feel like I knew him because I am so involved with Apple products.
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dohoops Oct 06, 2011
I know why it is iPone 4S not iPone 5 now....
iPhone for Steve.
RIP Steve.
john231 Oct 06, 2011
Great leader, innovator, his vision changed daily life of people. RIP
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jujustyle Oct 05, 2011
Great respect for this legendary man. Worked hard all his life and until the last few months before he's gone. RIP Steve Jobs.
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josephkurian Oct 05, 2011
An innovator and great man. Rest in peace, Steve.
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nidhiarora16 Oct 05, 2011
May he rest in peace.
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arsiel Oct 05, 2011
Steve Jobs - Stanford University's 2005 Commencement Speech
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PepsiBlue Oct 05, 2011
Thank you for everything Steve Jobs.

Fuck you cancer.
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spearhead Oct 05, 2011
the world lost one of the greatest inventors!!!
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dongliang6666 Oct 05, 2011
The world will be no longer prominent ...bye,Steve...
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eclipse31601 Oct 05, 2011
He wasn't even able to see me purchase my first Iphone from Sprint next friday :(
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Prozac4545 Oct 05, 2011
Quick! Sell your Apple stock...
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adsneeds Oct 05, 2011
May he rest in peace ...
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dripdd Oct 05, 2011
Goodbye Steve~
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Norbs Oct 05, 2011
RIP - You left a great mark on everyone's lives even the people who do not realize it. Best wishes to your family.
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moose Oct 05, 2011
I didnt always agree with the way he/Apple did business but he was an innovator and visionary.

RIP Steve
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praveensapkota Oct 05, 2011
I will not use apple for 1 day in his memory. RIP DOC
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nymosis Oct 05, 2011
Rest in peace.
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candywylie Oct 05, 2011
My heart just breaks at this sad news. We will all miss Steve's brilliance and
Goodbye Steve, may you rest in peace.
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nithunithinsnp Oct 05, 2011
Most inspiring person lived in my time, may he rest in peace now
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kffight3r Oct 05, 2011
Steve, you are so great that I would have turned gay for you. RIP.
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newguy Oct 05, 2011
He is one of the super briliant people.
My prayer for you, Steve :(
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akaricke Oct 05, 2011
Wow, people going left and right. Love the ones you are with. You never know when your time comes.
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ellis Oct 05, 2011
May he rest in peace.
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