AT&T to acquire T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion

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What's the matter?
encorez Mar 21, 2011
How is at&t expensive? My plan has two Iphones and a BB torch, unlimited texting, unlimited data on my phone and 200mb on my daughters, and rollover minutes, all for $130 after taxes.
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egagroupusa Mar 21, 2011
the deal goes through in 1 months so you can save up now and spend it later. It sucks cuz I'm grandfathered in with a calling plan for $39.99 for 1000 mins + My 5 Favs.
VirginiaPeanuts Mar 21, 2011
Really? After the string of commercials targeting AT&T?
ngomansland Mar 21, 2011
AT&T service sucks super bad! They should go with T-Mobiles service since more people are satisfied with them than AT&T. The only positive I see from this is I can get the iPhone, but everything else about AT&T totally sucks.
vukidam Mar 21, 2011
Worst Move ever
Badzboyz89 Mar 21, 2011
and watch now the prices for plan services would go sky rocket...
jigsaw918 Mar 20, 2011
this sucks...probably switching to verizon was nice having service wherever i went though, i will miss you, T-Mobile. GayT&T can suck a fat one! I refuse to pay twice as much for half the service!!!
TheJammer Mar 21, 2011
You do realize that AT&T will also acquire all of T-mobile's antennas/towers, right? So that means service really shouldn't change from t-mobile becoming AT&T.
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rd995 Mar 20, 2011
i have att but i don't agree with this its just eliminating competition so its only sprint and verizon competing that means higher prices for us
Crutch Mar 20, 2011
So much for tmo, guess Sprint will be the only affordable one left
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Cuc_ku Mar 20, 2011
How could we have data package at $10/month with ATT?
Cuc_ku Mar 20, 2011
Hell no, I don't like At&t! More expensive!
encorez Mar 20, 2011
I have AT&T, so more the better.
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