AT&T Announces Unlimited Calling to Any Mobile

AT&T announced a new calling program called Any Mobile Number. The new plan allows AT&T subscribers to make unlimited voice calls to any mobile number in the U.S., regardless of network operator. Any Mobile Number goes into effect this Thursday, and requires an existing voice plan and the $20/month unlimited messaging plan. Customers may sign up for the plan starting February 10.
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What's the matter?
faqsap Feb 10, 2011
AT&T is bad, you have to pay $20 for unlimited messaging and only then we get this.
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incubusattack Feb 10, 2011
Checked the link again and nothing has changed but I just looked at my account online and the option to switch is there.
Cuc_ku Feb 09, 2011
Verizon has this already for a month: unlimited talk AND text to any carrier in the US. Family plan starts from $99 for 2 lines. At&t may guess that they will loose customers to Verizon due to the new iPhone and the THESE new plans coming out.. that's why At&t holds customers back with this "plan". But I don't think I like At&t in this case, since they did not volunteerly want to do anything good for customers... just wait until customers find a better choice, then At&t will try to hold them back! Let's go Verizon... tomorrow they have iPhone 4!
Silvabells Feb 09, 2011
I just called Verizon and they told me they didn't have a plan that was $99 for 2 lines that had unlimited talk and text. The plan you speak of sounds good, why did they say they don't offer it?
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Cuc_ku Feb 09, 2011
Where are you? It may not have those available for all state. I am in Houston,TX.
armyturtle Feb 10, 2011
Who cares - Sprint has had it the last 2 years, for ALL customers. No hoops to jump through (mostly because they're trying to "win back" lost customers, otherwise they're just as dirty as the other telcos).
Silvabells Feb 10, 2011
Fort Riley KS... that's pretty shady that the plans are not the same all across the US.
insaneone Feb 09, 2011
Sprint's had this for quite some time ... AT&T's trying to recover lost customers due to the Verizon iPhone
albertoa76 Feb 10, 2011
ATT lost me to Sprint for the HTC EVO, unlimited data, and unlimited mobile to any mobile for $69.99/mo (plus $10 for Evo 4G Data)
insaneone Feb 11, 2011
Same here ... I love my EVO!
YesBoss Feb 09, 2011
Looks Likes Unlimited Messaging To Any Mobile
tonman23 Feb 09, 2011
wonder if you have a family unlimited messaging plan for $30? That would be real nice
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incubusattack Feb 09, 2011
I believe it does extend to family plans as well.