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What's the matter?
bikerfaykarla Dec 25, 2011
Well this makes sense! I bought a 55 inch Samsung TV on black Friday. I checked online and was displaying my order but I couldn't cancel or view the status and the automated system had no record of the order. I received no word from Best Buy until I called them on 12/19/11. The rep asked me when I would like the TV delivered. I said 12/22/11, then the day came and it arrived at noon. Not sure what happened but it did seem like if the order was going to be cancelled.

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socketassault Dec 25, 2011
Haha. When will you people ever learn?
There are so many alternatives to Worst Buy, yet you can continue to flock to their stores for their overpriced electronics.

Protip Best Buy is always overpriced and the majority of their instore "deals" can be had cheaper online.

Stop going to their store and canceled orders will not be an issue anymore.
akaricke Dec 24, 2011
Bestbuy has the nerve to label certain shoppers "devil shoppers". Bestbuy is the devil themselves.
dvinegrace83 Dec 24, 2011
ughhh....lame!! Although the holidays shouldn't just be about giving and receiving material things, this still sure as heck makes things frustrating and inconvenient for a lot of people!!
victory1 Dec 24, 2011
Merchants should be held legally responsible for their online advertising. If they are unable to incorporate an accurate system of inventory control for online sales, then they should not be conducting business on line. Perhaps they deem themselves exempt of "bait and switch" laws for online advertising.
Although I personally did not make any BB purchases, I sympathize with the disappointment and frustration of those who did. Best fail.
kimeeb Dec 24, 2011
I only placed one order with BB this my product as promised, and on time. I feel bad for the people that have experience that. Shame on BB!
hqian1 Dec 23, 2011
Best Buy normally does something to compensate those customers that got their orders canceled. Let's see what it does this time.
baldieee09 Dec 24, 2011
I wouldn't say "normally" ...
nimrodboy3 Dec 23, 2011
ouch..that bytes (yeah..that's right..i made a geeky pun..or something)
allanrc689 Dec 23, 2011
BB had a midnight madness sale last nite. Item I wanted was NOT avaialbe during the sale, but was this AM at the "un" sale price. I received a replacement item vs the computer i ordered on BF, after I was asked to reconfirm the order 3 times, and they kept the charge open when the hold expired -- but you had to CALL (and wait nearly 2 hours) to get the replacement item
last item i bought from BB was put in the cart at one price, but charged at the non sale price when i checked out. NOTE the number of unhappy posts here S/B looking for a new job REAL soon
gibbletz Dec 23, 2011
I went in to pick up a memory card I had ordered online. It should have taken 5 minutes, but I was ignored and told to please wait while several people were rung up ahead of me in line, at the online pickup station. Instead of going to the sales registers or customer service they used this counter, and ignored the people picking up until the line for pickup was over 5 people long. Even though I was next in line and they had all their POSs manned. If the memory card was not free from using my bank points I would not have stepped back into their stores.

This stems from the treatment I got when they were running the bogus sale ad site. They would advertise a price and when you went to look for it the item was priced higher. If you argue the price they pulled up the ad online to show you and the price was the same as the price on the shelf, not the ad they mailed or emailed. If you had the ad or the email on your phone you were called a scammer. They lost the class action on that one. They had an internal web page that was set up to bilk customers. Best Buy has a history of doing things like this. No surprise here really and I hope they go the way of Circuit City.
mnvikings11 Dec 23, 2011
I have run into a lot of problems at my local BB, just to pick-up a item takes over 15 min. when it should only take 5 at the most. They need a new system to speed up the in-store pick-up process.
sfreestuff Dec 23, 2011
The CEO of BestBuy is Brian Dunn ( I would recommend sending him a clear and calm message about what happened and how this makes you feel about the company. It might also be a good idea to say how BestBuy has made Christmas (or a Birthday) difficult this year or how your children will not get the xyz item(s) that they had been promised.

I hope BestBuy will make things right.
Srodrigueziii Dec 23, 2011
Ordered a few games, received a gift card code today in the amount of my purchase. Could be worse, I suppose.
pat1679 Dec 23, 2011
Since my bad experience with Best Buy, I never ordered anything from them. Though it is cheaper I'd prefer NewEgg or Amazon over Best Buy. Better to pay little more for good customer service rather than paying less with no customer service at all.
preppykid Dec 23, 2011
The only time I go Best Buy these days is to try out the product before I buy it online @ Amazon, Newegg, etc., where it is cheaper, most likely no tax, and free shipping.
HTAtivan Dec 23, 2011
I did hear that they will be sending out e-gift cards to those who had their orders canceled for the amount of whatever you purchased. Check your email if you were one of those whose order was cancelled
egagroupusa Dec 23, 2011
BB is a rip off anyways. why buy in-store and pay their over priced merchandise when you can go online and find it for 15% cheaper.
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chirowolf Dec 23, 2011
B&M store wonder why they are going under. If you can't handle your online and B&M Store then it is time to admit you have a management problem. BB is known for having limited quantities and overselling. i'm sure they will be happy to sell you something more expensive.
zoelee Dec 22, 2011
Now I figured out why the camera, which I ordered from BB for pick up even not shipping, had no any status update for almost a week until I couldnot wait,canceled the order and got it from Newegg.
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MHT962 Dec 22, 2011
Ahh Man, it's like the HP Touchpad nightmare all over again!
arsiel Dec 22, 2011
Hope everyone who ordered from Best Buy gets compensated somehow!
belarus94 Dec 22, 2011
Compensation? They might get 10% off coupon. But I smell law suit.
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mstortini Dec 22, 2011
For many of us, BB has not even had the consideration to cancel our orders. They are not responding to emails. Finally got the following "canned" response on their forum today, December 22 "As I've mentioned in several other threads, this particular laptop (SKU #3720044) is no longer available. Since we also do not expect to receive any additional shipments, your order may ultimately be cancelled. Our support team is looking into the situation and researching alternative solutions, however, so I'd encourage you to keep an eye on your e-mail over the next few days for updates if you do not wish to cancel your order."
solowkoe Dec 22, 2011
boo on them. That is messed up what they did. I know I had a problem once with amazon a few years back and they reimbursed my money and gave me an addition gift card with the same amount so that I could get the item free if i decided to get it anyways. Best buy will have to do something to get those customers back. Not only them, but next year, many of us will be weary of buying from best buy online without some sort of gurentee. Fix the problem best buy, or lose many customers for years to come.
ShiningDream Dec 22, 2011
Well, sounds like a plan.

But sadly "ppl" will still queue up in front of best buy next year in the shivering cold and also order online from them.

Sad and hard to admit, but that's how we the "ppl" roll :(
priyadan Dec 25, 2011
I got my refund yesterday (laptop-SKU #3720044), but not any gift card or anything (courtesy phone call)!
But certainly i will not buy again from BB. At least online.