Browser Speed Tests: Chrome 24, Firefox 18, Internet Explorer 10, and Opera 12.12

So you can maybe beat MrBrklyn or RagingWookie at getting a great deal posted first, you need all the speed you can get! ;-)
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What's the matter?
dddsss Mar 24, 2013
Do you think Chrome is kind of incompatible with Mac? Having all kinds of problems with it.
DealLeader Mar 24, 2013
@dddsss I suspect Chrome for Mac does have some bugs, but, with that said, I still use it as my preferred browser. I like Safari on the Mac, but it is not as familiar to me as Chrome.
dddsss Mar 24, 2013
Do you think it can handle multiple tabs better? I do like it, But having a lot of issues with it now
dddsss Mar 21, 2013
shoot, i like using extensions. do you know of an easy way to tell which extensions are/going to be bad? or is that something that can always occur w/all the new updates and such?
DealLeader Mar 21, 2013
@dddsss No, but I'll keep my eye out. I do know that extensions have to be updated pretty much anytime Chrome updates, or they should
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dddsss Mar 20, 2013
[guessing you might know these things, but i don't require a reply] I'm told that using chrome extensions might be reason my mac crashed...any thoughts?
DealLeader Mar 20, 2013
@dddsss It all depends. On how much system memory your computer has (RAM) and how many tabs you have open at the same time. It definitely could cause problems.
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dddsss Mar 20, 2013
thanks. would about 16 tabs be problematic that way?
DealLeader Mar 20, 2013
@dddsss 16 tabs with a "leaky" extension could be a major problem.
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dddsss Mar 15, 2013
chrome may be fast, but seems to eat memory. think it crashed my computer!
DealLeader Mar 15, 2013
@dddsss I tend to agree. Chrome has become a memory hog since it was first developed.