Can Your iPad do THIS!?

Big news coming from Samsung is that the company have created a new product line, the Samsung Galaxy Note Tablet (10.1-inch). This tablet is quite different than the new iPad. Samsung clearly design this tablet to increase productivity with the S Pen stylus and multi-screen function.

So how fast is this Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1?
  • Quad-Core Exynos Processor (1.4ghz)
  • 2GB Ram
  • 1200 x 800 resolution
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 5mp camera (Rear) 1.9mp (Front)
  • Available in 3G or Wifi

    This Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 should be available world-wide at the end of this month (August).

    More Photos | Video Demo
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What's the matter?
shimisi Aug 07, 2012
Anything that will stop the iPad from becoming a monopoly in the tablet market is good :)
krmills1 Aug 06, 2012
I LOVE Apple products a lot!!! I would be willing to try this out though.
Dexterous Aug 06, 2012
wow this is really cool stuff. Nice research
s_m1978 Aug 06, 2012
Seems like a good competition for is building market at great speed.
rockinnrolla Aug 06, 2012
If I only had an ipad....
seanvcxz Aug 06, 2012
I'll keep my iPad although this seems like a solid effort by Samsung to make something somewhat comparable.
Jtelford Aug 06, 2012
All tablets and keep trying but one key thing missing from all, but the iPad, are the quality apps.
maven3 Aug 06, 2012
I used iOS prior to switching to Android, and there really isn't a difference anymore in the App selection in my experience. What apps are only on iOS?

There are a few pros/cons to Android's more open platform, but I think the pros easily outweigh the cons in my useage (though perhaps not for others).
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hemalaa Aug 06, 2012
This one looks great as long as price point is between 399 and 499.
naekuo Aug 06, 2012
Yeah! It's $399.99 at toysrus. Nothing to get too excited about. This is their budget model (until the next one). The screen still lags a bit when you look at live demo (not the ANIMATED ones).
TOTOOO Aug 06, 2012

The link you gave us is for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, this is a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet
MrBklynW Aug 06, 2012
sounds pretty awesome, seems more suitable for students. I wonder how much they going market this for?
tanush6 Aug 06, 2012
I have an i-pad ....but this is quite interesting....Let me wait for some more time until there are more reviews available for this tablet
FibroMom Aug 06, 2012
Gotta show this to my son - he wants an iPad SO BAD - but THIS may just change his mind! Thanks for the Very cool Article! :)
maven3 Aug 06, 2012
If you want a tablet for browsing the web and using for media, I don't think it matters much what OS you get. They're about the same.

The hard part is being truly productive with one in the business/school world. I really think that Apple/Google should be working harder to cater to businessman and students. I have an Android tablet, and it's only so-so for taking notes and using in meetings. Hopefully the Samsung sPen will do a better job at this.