Canceled Hp touch pad orders on

Canceled Hp touch pad orders on, orders from "onSale" marketplace vanished!!!
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What's the matter?
lsainaveen Aug 25, 2011
I had seen offers in other sites and did not place an order hopping Amazon is a reputed site and will not let its customers down. The worst part is they took 3 days to say they are out of stock. Who the heel designed their website or the management must be doing it purposefully shame on Amazon
justdeals Aug 25, 2011
I agree, but why they kept quiet for days and held money on our credit cards for days? Are they retarded? or are they making fun of us? Go noob, laugh!
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vvhosyourdaddy Aug 24, 2011
you people need to calm down. I got mine just fine. Online stores aren't typically designed to handle high rush volumes like this. They're designed to typically handle regular orders on a normal pace.

It's difficult to keep track of all the orders and update stock. Systems can take minutes to update stock, and hundreds of orders can happen in that time on something like this.

It's a first come first serve basis, and there's no guarantee. You didn't have to drive anywhere, and you didn't lose any money. Most cases, you weren't even officially billed yet.

Unless you're a developer that can design a more efficient system that can keep inventory updated down to the last 10th of a second, kindly stop complaining, because you have no idea what you're talking about.

lawsuit? BBB? you make me laugh
Florida2Texas Aug 24, 2011
I just got an email that my order got shipped and I just checked the tracking and its on its way.
Florida2Texas Aug 24, 2011
I bought one from Onsale through Amazon too but mine still shows as Shipping Soon
Delivery Estimate: August 25, 2011 - August 30, 2011. I am really hoping it won't cancel on me.
wonderwoman1969 Aug 24, 2011
Don't feel bad, my orders on Barnes and and with HP were cancelled as well. I just wish my card had not been charged on all these sites. Don't they have a count on the amount of stock they have on all these sites? It really sucks!
Fawkes Aug 24, 2011
I got strung along for days as well before getting canceled. And & PCMall are together? Dear Steven K., our new area rep at PCMall... guess what's going to happen? DIAF onsale/pcmall
pittashen Aug 24, 2011
We need to unite together, and vote a representative, go to BBB to charge
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moose Aug 24, 2011
mine was cancelled also
Im calling shenanigans!
yayanaji Aug 24, 2011
all my 60x touchpad has been Canceled .. any one got the order yet? or just all Canceled ?
linwei1023 Aug 24, 2011
Fuck onsale!
nussyo Aug 24, 2011
they shouldn't get away with this like "nothing happened"
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