Cost Of A Stamp To Go Up By A Penny Early Next Year

The stamp is going up a penny along with other price increases the USPS announced.
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What's the matter?
additc Oct 14, 2012
are you even saving money?
Might be better to put that in a savings account and get 1% or whatever you get.
whatitdo Oct 14, 2012
because its not a damn deal its news
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branie Oct 14, 2012
I respect your opinion. Although I respectfully disagree. Good luck here at DP if that is how you are going to express yourself.
THartz606 Oct 14, 2012
I barely use stamps, but I'm surprised that it's only going up by 1 penny.
MrBklynW Oct 13, 2012
damn the stamps are going up again..ahhh
lancescape Oct 13, 2012
Since my other options are Fedex/UPS (or driving it there), no complaints about the extra penny from me. Asking 0.46 to deliver a physical object 2000+ miles away is not unreasonable.
bagofhurt Oct 14, 2012
erick99 Oct 13, 2012
The price of a stamp should reflect the cost of delivering a letter. Who is going to deliver a letter across the country for less than .50.
bagofhurt Oct 14, 2012
you hit the nail on the head,people just don't think clearly at times.
krmills1 Oct 13, 2012
Why do they just raise it a penny at a time, it would be better if they just raised them a dime or quarter and it would help there budget shortfall, nobody uses stamps hardly anymore with electronic bill pay and electronic receipt of your bills.
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Bmarka Oct 13, 2012
blackfoot Oct 13, 2012
Lots of increases at the post office lately, thank goodness for forever stamps.
encorez Oct 13, 2012
USPS needs to go to 5 day work weeks....
branie Oct 14, 2012
Agreed. Sounds like a good start anyway. My mail carrier who has done our route long before we moved here, seems to think a Tuesday or Saturday would be a great day to stop delivering mail.
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FibroMom Oct 13, 2012
Stamps go up and the mail slows down... :SIGH: If they stopped making all the collectable stamps they MIGHT make a profit. (IMO)
tnglm003 Oct 14, 2012
There is still a profit in the collectible stamp for the USPS. They budget out the volume of which stamp is to be printed in quantity.
YesBoss Oct 13, 2012
I bought 3 or 4 sheets hardly last 10 yes. I pay my bills online.
naturaldeal Oct 13, 2012
price of milk went up by 26 cents in last few weeks, and this is not surprise for me
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dvinegrace83 Oct 12, 2012
psh..with the prices of gas these days i'm hardly fazed at all by this!
tpark6283 Oct 12, 2012
Thanks for posting, I better start stocking up on my forever stamps!
deby32953 Oct 12, 2012
Why am I not surprised? With email, I wonder how they stay in business now!
tnglm003 Oct 14, 2012
There is still a mass volume of advertising material with businesses delivered, catalogues, magazines and package delivery. They are still in the game and more economical.
shimisi Oct 12, 2012
I wonder if this means they won't need to close any more post offices around the country.
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arsiel Oct 12, 2012
Again?! I guess it's really time to buy those forever stamps. I would be saving some money later. :p
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Dexterous Oct 13, 2012
I know, I don't know why are they pushing the price up
wdjdac Oct 12, 2012
The new best deal is to buy a lot of forever stamps.
chuckydealpl Oct 12, 2012
i'm glad i still have a stack of forever stamps
rd995 Oct 12, 2012
cost of living is going up seems like everything goes up except the paycheck
naturaldeal Oct 13, 2012
paycheck down prices of everyother thing going up
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branie Oct 12, 2012
This is not a surprise at all. Surprise to me it is only a penny. I thought for sure it would have been more as the USPS is in trouble. Oh well buy those forever stamps.
rockinnrolla Oct 12, 2012
It does suprise me too that it's only 1 penny!
themoneyman1113 Oct 12, 2012
January 27th! I will buy some forever stamps. They may last forever as we rarely ever mail a letter :--)