Chatroom for Dealsplus is now available on the StarChat network

UPDATE: I've posted detailed instructions with screen shots here: Click Here

If you are not familiar with IRC you can instead do this through your browser. Here are the instructions.

Go to

you don't have to sign up, just look a bit farther down and click on Launch App

You will see a window labeled Connect. StarChat isn't one of the choices in the drop down menu so, instead, to the right of the window, click on "server"

That will open up a new little area. Where it says Server, cut and paste this: Amistad.MA.US.StarChat.Net

Choose a nickname and type that where it says Nick

Where it says Channel type in #dealsplus

Then click on Connect

That's it!
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What's the matter?
erick99 Apr 12, 2012
Thank you, Rockinrolla :)
erick99 Apr 12, 2012
The chatroom is open for business. I will be in the room most nights from about 7pm until at least midnight but usually later. I am also in another chatroom that I started a little over five years ago. I hope some folks stop in tonight. This "deal" is at the top of the Heating Up section so I hope it makes it to Hot Deals so a lot more people see it.
rockinnrolla Apr 12, 2012
Awesome job!!!
themoneyman1113 Apr 12, 2012
Always wondered why DP never had a chat option and now we do, unofficially that is. Cool option for us. Many thanks Erick.
encorez Apr 12, 2012
Thanks the man
erick99 Apr 12, 2012
I should be in there around 11pm (eastern). I'm usually in my other chatroom by 7:30 most evenings but I am out this evening for a while.
gangstabarbie Apr 12, 2012
Wow you are a computer whiz !! I could never do that
erick99 Apr 12, 2012
This is not an official dealsplus chatroom, just a room I opened on my own for anyone who wishes to drop in and chat. I would expect it to more active in the evening hours. But, again, this is just me, not official at all.
zacharyzblewski Apr 12, 2012
Is this an "official" chat room? Is there one in the works? Hopefully this can help everyone jump on limited time deals more efficiently.
branie Apr 12, 2012
Sounds like fun. That was very nice of you erick99 :) Will be checking it out soon! Thanks :-)
arsiel Apr 12, 2012
Going to need some ice breakers. Even though we always talk through comments on the site, it's going to be different IMing each other :o
hemalaa Apr 12, 2012
Good job...will join soon...thanks
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poe601 Apr 12, 2012
Wow really nice, great job erick99, will check it out!
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FibroMom Apr 12, 2012
Thank you for doing this for the DP Community, Erick99! :) This will be a Nice New feature to explore! :)
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erick99 Apr 11, 2012
I've posted detailed instructions with screen shots here: Click Here
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xptrish Apr 11, 2012
Thanks...Plussed x4
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heyimdennise Apr 11, 2012
Finally! It's been a long wait haha ;)
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