Donates $10,000 to American Red Cross Sandy Relief

Hurricane Sandy
We're sure you're all well aware of the devastating impact Hurricane Sandy has had on the east coast, if not directly impacted by what could be the most destructive storm in our country's history. Donates $10,000 to Relief Effort
In light of this recent tragedy, has donated $10,000 to the American Red Cross. This contribution was made possible by all of the loyal users and visitors of Without you, we would never be able to provide such monetary aid. Thank you!

Many employees have also decided to participate in local blood drives and encourage others to do the same.

Do your part!
Even if you can not donate money, you can still make a huge impact by donating a small amount of your time in the following ways:

If you want to do more, we also recommend checking out the following organizations:

Together we can ALL make a difference!
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What's the matter?
lilywow Nov 03, 2012
Thank u dealsplus. That is a very nice thing to do.
bethkay Nov 03, 2012
Really nice donation - I'm sure it will be very much appreciated!
ArtemisDeals Nov 02, 2012
This is so great!! You didn't have to go above and beyond what you guys usually do and here you did!! Its truly amazing to see!
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helloamy1977 Nov 02, 2012 you always!!!
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scoops Nov 02, 2012
Thank you, DP! You make us all proud.
boricua1 Nov 02, 2012
wow this is great!!! I live in one of those places Sandy hit(Atlantic City New Jersey) and it's so cool that we are getting help like this
chuckydealpl Nov 02, 2012
Awesome. Anything that we can do or contribute will help. It's heartbreaking to see the devastation the storm has caused. Glad to be part of this.
ishoplive Nov 02, 2012
thank you,Dealsplus!
poe601 Nov 01, 2012
As a New Jersey resident I am proud to be part of the Dealsplus community, you are awesome! Every bit helps!!!
gangstabarbie Nov 01, 2012
thank you for helping my state. God bless you.
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aoobuu Nov 01, 2012
Thanks for taking time to share this deal which is useful to our everyone.
mnvikings11 Nov 01, 2012
We all know that this business is based in lovely New York city, so I do hope that everyone will eventually get back on track.
themoneyman1113 Nov 01, 2012
Outstanding!! So proud to be a member of DP!
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tpark6283 Nov 01, 2012
What an amazing thing you did!! We were lucky in our area of NJ but a lot of others were not. Amazing of you!
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blackfoot Nov 01, 2012
That's fantastic, It's always nice to give back especially when someone is in need.
aznballa161 Nov 01, 2012
amazing guys. proud of be part of this community!
branie Nov 01, 2012
Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Way to go!!
rockinnrolla Nov 01, 2012
You guys are awesome!!!!
munkin2u Nov 01, 2012
I'm all for giving blood, and have done so before. I'll look for a drive in my area!
Dexterous Nov 01, 2012
wow what a fantastic idea, great job
FibroMom Nov 01, 2012
Thumbs up to you guys! What a wonderful act of kindness! I will find a way to do my part through your links. Thank you for being such a caring company! :)
dvinegrace83 Nov 01, 2012
wow! you're amazing dp!
arsiel Nov 01, 2012
High five, I'd donate blood again but I just donated last week. Hope all donations to a long way!
belarus94 Nov 01, 2012
I will donate my earnings from DP as well. Thanks for doing this.
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derwood Nov 01, 2012
I salute you, :)
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glwrks Nov 01, 2012
Excellent list of our country's support teams. I'm in as I am able. Posted to Face Book and pinned on Pinterest.
Deedle_pie Nov 01, 2012
Fantastic! Thanks!
murali_mtv Nov 01, 2012
You guys are always best
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mugsisme Nov 01, 2012
grandma5 Nov 01, 2012
I agree with Solowkoe. It's great to be part of a community that cares!
solowkoe Nov 01, 2012
That is very awesome that did that. It makes me feel even better to be a part of this community. Keep up the good work fellas. Plus saving money for people who also helps. So COOL!