Department of Justice - Investigating Data Cap Abuse by comcast and other internet companies


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The Wall Street Journal reported late Tuesday that DOJ "is conducting a wide-ranging antitrust investigation into whether companies are acting improperly to quash nascent competition from online video." What's at issue? Data caps, and the abuse thereof.

-- I was looking this up because I read this on the comcast website:
Excessive Use of Internet Data -

uestions and Answers About Our Data Usage Plan

IMPORTANT UPDATE (May 17, 2012): Effective immediately, we've decided to change our Data Usage Plan and replace our 250 GB monthly data usage allowance with a more flexible one. Our goal is to provide options that benefit consumers while also ensuring that all of our customers enjoy the best possible Internet experience over our high-speed data service. In the next few months, we are going to launch improved data usage management approaches that are in step with plans that other Internet service providers in the market are using and will provide our customers with more choice and flexibility than our current plan. More information can be found in the Q&A below.
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