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Do Greyhounds Make Good Pets You Have To Decide If You Are A Good Fit

There are a lot of myths surrounding the question of "do greyhounds make good pets?" The truth is that there is no single answer to that question because different people are looking for different things in their pets. Let's take a look at some things you should know about greyhounds, and then you can decide if one would be a good fit for you and your family.

Greyhounds were originally bred to be hunting dogs that could chase down their prey. They are sleek and well-proportioned for running quickly. However, that also means that they are programmed to give chase to just about anything that moves; including other dogs in the neighborhood, animals, children and vehicles. Therefore, it is vital that they be kept on a leash any time they are outside.

Generally speaking, a greyhound will do whatever it can to stop from being confined. It's almost like trying to catch lightning in a bottle at times. You may want the dog to be well-behaved at all times, but you need to remember that the greyhound is simply acting on its natural inclination to give chase. But they are not always chasing things, as you will see.

What may surprise you is that greyhounds love to lie around, to the point that they can appear lazy most of the day. So, while you may have to do all that you can to restrain their energy when they want to run; the good news is that most of the time they are perfectly content to just take things easy.

The breed also tends to be calm and submissive around people; making them ideal family pets. They are fairly easy to train, but again...they can quickly forget what they've learned when they get the urge to run. Do greyhounds make good pets is not the real question; the real question is do you and yours make a good family for a greyhound?

Though they are quite quiet most of the time, you will still need to make sure your greyhound gets plenty of exercise. You can think of a greyhound as being like a cheetah. It spends most of the day resting so it can have all of the energy it needs when the time comes. That means you need to take the dog for regular walks, several times a day, and if you can run that would be even better. A greyhound will only be happy when it gets enough physical activity, and that will be your responsibility.

You should also know that a lot of greyhounds used to be racers, but now need to be put up for adoption. Getting one may save it from being put to sleep. Life at a racetrack revolves around a very tight schedule, so your dog may prefer a steady routine. That could actually be a good thing if you have a routine of your own. Either way, greyhounds make good pets for the right people.

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