Facebook Home and HTC First Review: A Nice Place to Visit, but Not Yet Home- ABC News

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People. Not apps.

That's really the crux of Facebook Home, a new Facebook-first software experience that turns Android phones into, well, Facebook phones.

Mark Zuckerberg made that extremely clear at Facebook's event last week: "Our phones are designed around apps, not people. And we want to flip that around." And flip it around he did. With Home, your Facebook friends take center stage on your phone's homescreen, and your apps fade into the background.

Starting on Friday, the HTC First – the first phone to come out of the box with the software – will go on sale at AT&T for $99.99, and Facebook Home will be available as a free download for select Android phones, including the Galaxy S3 and the HTC One, through the Google Play Store. But do you want Facebook and your friends to make an even bigger home on your most personal device? Or would you prefer it just stay in its room as an app?
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