Fluffiest Pancakes Ever—in 8 Easy Steps

I just had to share this, because I always wondered how to make them really nice and fluffy and big.
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What's the matter?
dvinegrace83 Aug 19, 2012
ok i'm intrigued! i'll definitely give it a try! why not!?
dvinegrace83 Aug 19, 2012
although i must say..that seems like a LOT of flour for just 5 or so pancakes?
ArtemisDeals Aug 19, 2012
These look good. Today for the first time ever I made pancakes that didn't taste really bad :)
krmills1 Aug 19, 2012
According to the article I guess extra fluffy egg whites are the secret, plus they say over stirring the batter makes them tough.
branie Aug 19, 2012
I just had pancakes and they were not fluffy :( Maybe I'll try these recipes and see what a fluffy pancake actually looks and tastes like.
Acidbaby Aug 19, 2012
They look appealing to the eye but are terrible to eat and make me want to gag.
krmills1 Aug 19, 2012
You don't like pancakes at all? I can only eat about 2 of them and then I get full.
Acidbaby Aug 19, 2012
No I love pancakes. Just not thick fluffy ones that make you want to gag.
Acidbaby Aug 19, 2012
There is a reason why all the big pancake restaurants dont make their pancakes fluffy.
FibroMom Aug 19, 2012
YUMM! Awesome article to wake up to on a Sunday Morning! I think I shall try out some FLUFFY pancakes TODAY - I am sure my family will LOVE YOU! :)
glwrks Aug 18, 2012
Thanks! I'll print this for hubby (he's the pancake maker of the family) ...I'm going to try that "Easy Caramel Banana Sauce" to go with...sounds fabulous!:)
rd995 Aug 18, 2012
ok im passing by let me know when its ready j/k :)
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