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Mark Zuckerberg is right: I check my phone's homescreen about 100 times a day. But I don't check Facebook 100 times a day. I check my email, my text messages and this website and others. I check Facebook periodically on my phone, but it tends to be only when I have a notification or to see how many likes I got on my last post.

I check my tablet though about two times a day, depending on the day. Usually it's at night. And you know what my first or second stop is on my iPad? Facebook. And it's a long stop. I spend time going through my feed, clicking on links I see and hitting "Like" more than I should.

According to a number of data sources, tablet usage is heaviest from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., and that's because people are leaning back during those times, rather than leaning into a computer or phone trying to work or get something done. During those evening hours, they are checking in on their friends, watching TV or reading or playing games.
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Dexterous (L5)
Apr 05, 2013
is it the right time in?

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