Free 500 Amazon Coins if you own a Kindle Fire

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What's the matter?
shimisi May 14, 2013
Nice. Wish the deal's good for the Touch as well. Thanks for sharing the news.
shopange08 May 14, 2013
Great, I have a Kindle Fire! Thanks for sharing
erick99 May 13, 2013
I think everyone sees that when they go to Amazon. I don't own a Fire but it's on my Amazon "homepage" as well.
Brentheriot May 13, 2013
Basically a free $5 to spend on Apps! I'm gonna be 'The Cool Aunt' when i let my nieces buy the game they wanted :)
littlexu May 13, 2013
Great freebie. Will pass this along to my friends. Thanks for sharing.
xptrish May 13, 2013
Don't own one but I know a few who do,passing it along,thank you
chuckydealpl May 13, 2013
had one, will pass this along. thanks
branie May 13, 2013
Great, I will forward this to all the kindle owners I know, thanks :)
additc May 13, 2013
I have the kindle fire, hate it, but this is a great deal :p
Brentheriot May 13, 2013
@additc out of curiosity, why do you hate it? I've been comparing
additc May 13, 2013
@additc The sound and picture is great if you are on netflix or pandora. But the browser is so sluggish. Sometimes, I would rather just use my phone on 3g speeds. The ads are very annoying and they make it so easy for kids to buy stuff, my 2 yr old purchased 2 books already. It does not come w/ a charger so I have to use my phone charger, which takes 6 hours to charge. I purchased it a month before they announced the ipad mini which ive used and like a lot more.
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additc May 14, 2013
@additc but browsing makes it not worth getting. Even switching from tab to tab is slow. And scrolling is twitchy, you'll hate it too. And you can't really get another browser because you don't have google play store.
FibroMom May 13, 2013
Awesome! I will have to check my Kindle Fire and see where the coins are located! Thanks for listing this. :)
YesBoss May 13, 2013
Let Me Forward This To Friend Of Mine, He Has Kindle Fire .