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First check your Frys order online to see if anything was canceled.

Found on another deal site:
1.) Call and give them your old LG TV(Or other canceled item) order number, they will verify name, address and then take new credit card info, try and sell you stuff you don't want, then give you a new order number.
2.) If you bout a remote, when the rep is done, tell them you have another cancelled order that needs to be reinstated, then give them the order for the remote. When i did this, he sad hang on, this hasn't come up yet today.. Then he shuffled some papers.. At which point i said, the remote had the exact same problem, the TV did and he said, "yes, i see that". He then repeated the process of getting my credit card info and gave you a new order number for the remote. Now here is the best part. The rep told me "you will get an email confirming both new order numbers AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU A NEW REBATE FORM FOR THE REMOTE." I had not even mentioned the remote, so this was a huge welcome surprise. I asked him to repeat what he said, and he did. He then went on to say, "you got an amazing price". He went on to say the remote will take 12 weeks!!! but at the rebated price, I said with a song in my voice, "no problem"
3.) PLEASE BE NICE TO THE CSR's. Remind yourself they had nothing to do with the debacle, and are just regular folks like us, doing a job. I thanked him for his help and said that I was sure it had been a rough day..and he said, "yes, i've had better, but at least we are taling care of our customers."
4.) I did not have any further cancellations, but if you did, repeat with the appropriate order number and good luck. I do not see how they can deliver on the TV and remote and not other items cancelled for similar reasons. If they don't deliver, we fight on .. But remember time is of the essence. This whole episode is perishable.. In a few weeks, it will be hard to get anyones attention.

Good luck, and for those of you who signed the groubal and posted on the Jon Stewart site, I thank you for your support. For me at least, it quickly became a matter or principle vs. A couple of good deals.

MY(Akaricke) PERSONAL experience. I called the customer rep and she was SUPER polite. I gave her my order number and she said it would be reinstated. I ordered the Harmony 1100 for $129 with an $80 rebate that was canceled. She said I would receive an email with a link to get the same price and that the rebate would be extended.
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