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The world around us is rapidly adapting to the knowledge that our smartphones can serve as advertisement delivery systems. It seems like you can’t walk down the street now without seeing a QRcode or a Microsoft Tag for something, to say nothing of the “download our app” images in every magazine and commercial. You’d have to do something extra crazy to stick out in a magazine these days, even if that meant embedding a small screen in your magazine ad to offer information in real time. In fact, that’s exactly what The CW accomplished when they embedded a smartphone into this week’s Entertainment Weekly.

The ABO 810 is a pretty basic Android phone. For about $40 you can order one online, and receive an Android 2.2 smartphone with a 2.3″ screen. Compared to modern Android phones, it’s not much. If you remove all of the plastic, pop off that keyboard, and slide the battery over to the left a bit, you’ve got a pretty thin phone. Thin enough, in fact, to setup an inexpensive monitor to show off commercials for your upcoming television shows.

Flipping to this page in special versions of this week’s EW will offer you commercials of The Arrow and Emily Owens, M.D. which are due to air later this week. Once the commercials are over, you are taken to the CW Twitter page, where you can see tweets show up in real time.

If you manage to get your hands on one of the 1,000 copies of the magazine that include this “enhanced advertisement,” you will have a 3G capable Android phone with a T-Mobile SIM card that is likely prepaid for a small amount of data. The microUSB port is still accessible, so you could recharge your new phone and use it for whatever you like. Sure, the OS is partially Chinese and there’s no keyboard or trackball for this underpowered little phone, but for any tinkerer out there this advertisement is just screaming “challenge accepted.”
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