Gay Marriage Legalized + Boosting the Economy

  • Gay Marriage has been legalized in Washington
  • Economic Impact of Same-Sex Couples in Washington

    According to UCLA's Williams Institute,
    same-sex marriage could pump $57 million
    to the state economy in the first year – resulting in $5 million of tax revenue.
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    What's the matter?
    nthsll Dec 07, 2012
    I'm not against gay marriage, but I can't see how it would be a boon to an economy. Maybe with showers and such. Gay divorce on the other hand might with attorneys fees and yard sales.
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    branie Dec 06, 2012
    Interesting, Gay marriage has been legalized here in Mass for maybe 8-10 years.. I don't recall if it boosted the economy though? This is good news then for those in Washington State :)
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    dealwagger Dec 07, 2012
    Since I've worked in jewelry for I have heard a lot that legalizing gay marriage is the only thing that has a potential for really boosting the jewelry business. That would help the economy a lot :) I hope we approve it, last election we defeated an amendment that would define marriage as "between one man and one woman."
    branie Dec 07, 2012
    Honestly I have not seen any changes positive or negative since gay marriage was legalized on a personal note. I lived next door to a couple who married the day it was legalized. Nice guys and eventually adopted 2 children. I see nothing wrong with it, but that is my personal opinion.
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