Get out of Sprint Contract W/o ETF!!!!

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Thank you for contacting Sprint regarding Early Termination Fee.

I understand that you wish to know about the increase in ETF(early
termination fee) charges. Effective from the 2/1/2011 Sprint is adding
the Administrative Charge to an additional group of Corporate Liable
customers, Agnts Cntrctr Co-op Dlr Dist Frnchse Etc. The Administrative
Charge is $0.99 per line per month as of 1/1/2010. It defrays costs
imposed by local telephone companies for services Sprint must purchase
from them.

If you wish to cancel the line without the ETF please, write to us after
the 2/1/2011. We will forward the request to the appropriate department.

We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to answer your

Amanda J.

I had actually written in regards to coverage change, but this works just as well. It's been fun Sprint, but I need coverage. I have none at my new house, my brother has none at his college, and we're losing a few states' native coverage. Combine that with no new phones and 4G that leaves a whole lot to be desired and I'm out. It's been nice while it lasted. I'd rather pay more and have a working phone, as well as 4G that doesn't consume battery and only works outside.

Thanks to UWHUSKY19
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