Get ready for 'ring of fire' solar eclipse Sunday

Skywatchers in East Asia and the western United States should circle this upcoming Sunday on their calendars. That's when a solar eclipse will block out most of the sun, leaving a spectacular "ring of fire" shining in the sky for observers located along the eclipse's path.

The event is what's known as an annular solar eclipse — from the Latin "annulus," meaning "little ring" — and its full glory should be visible from much of Asia, the Pacific region and some of western North America, weather permitting. At its peak, the eclipse will block about 94 percent of the sun's light.

Other parts of the United States and Canada will still see a partial solar eclipse, without being treated to the ring of fire effect, though the East Coast will miss the event since the sun will have set before it begins.

The eclipse will occur in the late afternoon or early evening of May 20 throughout North America, and May 21 for observers in Asia.

Check out this eclipse skywatching guide to learn more about viewing locations and times.
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What's the matter?
solowkoe May 16, 2012
I am hoping I get to see it. Does anyone know if the solar eclipse affects planes and flight traveling? I am flying that day.
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akaricke May 15, 2012
Sweet. I'll be playing Johnny Cash while viewing it :D
taratstock May 15, 2012
Thank you!!
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RayLakhan May 15, 2012
I'm on the east coast too... I wonder if we will be able to see anything
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Subha83 May 15, 2012
Not in our place.Hope i will see in tv or internet.
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jasoned May 15, 2012
Awesome! I haven't seen a solar eclipse in a long time. Time to look into the sun! :)
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nimase85 May 15, 2012
To bad i live on the east coast :/ my baby sister would have loved to see it
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dogbountyhunter1 May 15, 2012
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YesBoss May 15, 2012
rockinnrolla May 15, 2012
COOL! I hope i get to see this!!! :)
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EzzyLovesToSave May 15, 2012
Hope to watch with the grandkids!...thanks, rez!:)
nthsll May 15, 2012
Time to dust off the lense on my welding helmet. Thanks for the info!
vimalr May 15, 2012
hope I can watch this on TV. Not with direct eyes.
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poe601 May 15, 2012
Thanks for posting, I will be in Las Vegas on Sunday so I hope I get to see this!
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mlinhart May 14, 2012
Thank you!!!
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ArtemisDeals May 14, 2012
I love this kind of stuff! Thanks for the post so I can know when it is :)
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