Google Person Finder: 2011 Japan Earthquake

Figured I'd post this in case it can help someone.

Disaster Relief American Red Cross: Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami (Thanks belarus94)
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What's the matter?
manson_yy Mar 11, 2011
god bless japan
Quacker2011 Mar 11, 2011
Japan needs help, they don't need donations (one of the richest countries now)! Be careful with your money, somebody may take this chance on it!
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Cuc_ku Mar 11, 2011
Sure, they don't need donation! Just more helicopters!
Quacker2011 Mar 11, 2011
Oh, sure they are rich and strong! Just look at the Pearl Harbor movie, you can see how strong they were! How many US soldier were killed? Lots!
djinhwan Mar 11, 2011
I also made a list here of 6 places you can donate. Becky457 already mentioned Global Giving, here are a few more.
becky457 Mar 11, 2011
How to donate to Japanese disaster relief efforts - and make sure your gift counts:
To avoid scams and make sure your donation reaches victims, direct dollars to organizations already in the region.
Find those through these sites that link donors with nonprofits:

Global Giving
Center for International Disaster Information
Network for Good
xxslants Mar 11, 2011
thank you. trying to get in contact with relatives in sendai, sending this out to all my friends and family.
omegafemale Mar 11, 2011
if google has it, add a link for Hawaii now - hope marynd is ok
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ragingwookiee Mar 11, 2011
I found this in a CNET article this morning but it didn't make mention of a Hawaii Google Finder. I'll see if I can find one though.
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ragingwookiee Mar 11, 2011
Also, here is a link to the article for those interested:
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