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An 81-year-old woman who nearly fell out of her skydiving harness while plummeting out of a plane last year is back to her thrill-seeking ways, as she jumped into a NASCAR race car this week in California.

Laverne Everett said she was invited by NASCAR folks to come out for a ride around the All American Speedway in Roseville, Calif., on Thursday, and will act as Grand Marshal of a NASCAR race at the track on Saturday.

The petite grandmother was hurtled around the speedway track at 80 m.p.h. by professional driver Eric Holmes, though she said after the fact that she "could have went faster."

A video of Everett skydiving on her 80th birthday went viral after she slipped out of her parachute harness and held onto it with her hands as she flew toward the ground.

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When asked which adventure she liked better, Everett said, "If [skydiving] worked out the way it should, I would have liked both of them!"

Bill McAnally, owner of the BMR NASCAR racing team, told ABC News affiliate KXTV that he supplied the car and asked Holmes to handle the driving.

"Yeah, I'm a racing fan," Everett told KXTV.

Everett told ABC News her family would join her at the track Saturday while she acts as Grand Marshal for the K&N Pro Series West at the speedway.
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