Groupon: Spin The Wheel & Win $5-$100 Groupon Cash (Facebook Required)

Clicky the Clickable Wheel Win $5 - $100 Groupon Cash
**Like them on facebook and get 5 additional spins
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What's the matter?
belarus94 Jan 14, 2012
Getting OOPS all the time. Lame
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unikki420 Jan 13, 2012
Liked them on Facebook...where do I find my 5 free spins?
darlene90247 Jan 11, 2012
7 spins and still nothing. :[
branie Jan 11, 2012
Same odds for me!!
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fieljana Jan 11, 2012
BooYah! I won $5 and used it already ;) Thanks!
mnvikings11 Jan 11, 2012
Hoping to win something
bbattag Jan 11, 2012
Didn't win :(
krajee Jan 11, 2012
I liked groupon on facebook. But dint get extra spins. Can somebody help me?
sweetangelxxo Jan 11, 2012
Darn 6 spins and nothing:(
hqian1 Jan 11, 2012
Got try my luck.
jasoned Jan 11, 2012
That face is a little creepy. :-) Sure hope I win something.
djinhwan Jan 11, 2012
what a gimmick to like them on facebook i will immediately unlike
FibroMom Jan 11, 2012
I didn't care for HOW MUCH of my info they wanted to access on Facebook... so No spin for me. :(
austin38 Jan 10, 2012
Nice find!!! Didnt win anything today but maybe tomorrow!
songphon Jan 10, 2012
Thanks! I got $10 from the 4th spin of 6 spins - the rest of the spins were "oops."
nomogo Jan 10, 2012
lots of spins, all oops!
suji265 Jan 10, 2012
Won $5 twice in 6 spins :)
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ken123 Jan 10, 2012
did anyone win that $100, i guess that will come after the 1 millionth
nbrand48 Jan 10, 2012
Just won $5 cheers!
ken123 Jan 10, 2012
did anyone win that crazy $100?, i guess only the site moderator can win
yousdy Jan 10, 2012
I won $5
MHT962 Jan 10, 2012
Thoes eyes on that thing are creepy. I'm not sure about allowing groupon to have so much access. Does it seem a little more than usual? I don't mind giving Groupon my info but what does gving them permission to "Post to facebook as me" mean?
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vimalr Jan 10, 2012
Won $5. Don't know if it is even worth.
ramana_forums Jan 10, 2012
free is always free "vimal"
roadps Jan 10, 2012
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tekman2500 Jan 10, 2012
I think this is not a fair wheel. I spun 6 times and got nothing. This is a cheat wheel.
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maven3 Jan 10, 2012
I agree. I said the same above and got a thmubs down on my comment. I have no idea why.
martinamar Jan 11, 2012
same here
CapGee Jan 10, 2012
Check what you're giving up to get the 5 free spins. They can post on your Facebook as you. Also, you are basically handing them free access to your Facebook. Not worth $5...
ken123 Jan 10, 2012
just like them, get the free
spins and then go on your Facebook and unlike them.
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Florida2Texas Jan 10, 2012
Yep, that is what I did! I unliked them as soon as I was done with all the 6 spins...
dddsss Jan 11, 2012
think u have to remove the app too
belarus94 Jan 10, 2012
Did not win. Will try tomorrow
Christine Jan 10, 2012
nice find!!! yayayyy =) cant wait to try my spin!
Florida2Texas Jan 10, 2012
I never win anything so off course didn't win anything here as well...but thanks for the deal :)
akaricke Jan 10, 2012
Hope tomorrow is better luck for me :D
zoelee Jan 10, 2012
I don't have any luck today, will try tommorrow :)
maven3 Jan 10, 2012
Strike out for me on the first try. Then I FB liked it, and struck out 5 more times.

Seems like the odds are fishy. Not exactly 50:50 like the wheel would suggest.
nimrodboy3 Jan 10, 2012
awesome! thanks..i won $10! ended up getting two movie tickets plus a large popcorn for $5..SCORE! thanks again.
arsiel Jan 10, 2012
Lucky... 6 spins and all I got was "oops" :[
branie Jan 10, 2012
Nice, I got the big "oops" 6 times as!
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ramana_forums Jan 10, 2012
so far .. your are the lucky person for the day..
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snypin04 Jan 10, 2012
yay $5! after the 5 extra spins for liking it on facebook. + a $10 referral credit I had got me a pretty good deal. i wonder if anyone actually wins anything over $5.......
hemalaa Jan 10, 2012
Discount is valid for one day only. Credit will be instantly applied on checkout.
mnvikings11 Jan 10, 2012
Didn't win anything today, but tomorrow is another day
nimase85 Jan 10, 2012
Thanks! I won $5
Crazymomof4 Jan 10, 2012
Won 5$ yeah.
MrBklynW Jan 10, 2012
Thanks!...i didn't win any either=(
baljeet2010 Jan 10, 2012
I won $5 :-)
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ramana_forums Jan 10, 2012
congrats.. i didn't won..
baljeet2010 Jan 10, 2012
It worked for me..I won $5 and discount auto applied on my groupon purchase for "Omron HJ-203PK GoSmart Pocket Pedometer with Activity Tracker".. Its $10 but I got this in just $5.
blt995 Jan 10, 2012
wont work for me!
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MrBklynW Jan 10, 2012
how can it not work for you? click spin and get a chance to win from $5-$100. it is not a guarantee you'll win.
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nimase85 Jan 10, 2012
It didn't work for me at first either but when i switched to a different browser and it worked.. I think it might have had something to do with my ad blocker or pop up blocker on my firefox browser...
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YesBoss Jan 10, 2012