Groupon - Free $10 Credit for Buying a Local Deal

How it works:

  1. Register.
    To become eligible to recieve $10 in Groupon Bucks.

  2. Shop.
    Fun gift ideas like cooking classes, skydiving, and spa days.

  3. Buy.
    A great deal from a local business before 12/24/11.

  4. Get $10 in Groupon Bucks.
    In Groupon Bucks to be put into your account by 12/31/11 (limited to the first 150,000 registered participants who make an eligible purchase of $10 or more).
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What's the matter?
ilene285 Dec 18, 2011
I use Groupon all the time and love it. This is a great deal.
MHT962 Dec 18, 2011
Cool; so we need to buy a deal before the 24th and then we'll get a $10 credit on our account to use later, right? I hope a good deal pops up before the 24th! Thanks.
sfreestuff Dec 18, 2011
Registered! Thanks for posting.
nimrodboy3 Dec 18, 2011
thanks..registered =)
belarus94 Dec 18, 2011
Thanks, good deal.
zoelee Dec 18, 2011
For those who live in NYC, I suggest you get this deal:)

One All-Day Parking Pass or One Month of Unlimited Parking
zoelee Dec 18, 2011
Or this one, you can get it for free:
zoelee Dec 18, 2011
Seems good only to new account´╝č
I should apply one more e-mail first :)
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zoelee Dec 18, 2011
Checked the FAQ, it's good for existing account too, nice find, thanks a lot!!
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ragingwookiee Dec 18, 2011
Yup, just read that too. Signing up now!