Hazards of Keyless Car Ignitions - Are they Dangerous?

They are designed to simplify the driving experience: Push a button rather than turn a key.

But recent fatalities, including this past weekend in Boca Raton, Fla., in which drivers left the car running and died of carbon monoxide poisoning, have highlighted whether keyless-ignition cars are safe.....
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What's the matter?
Norbs Mar 08, 2012
I heard people die in cars from accidents too. This car business is just taking too many lives, get rid of them all.
tpark6283 Mar 09, 2012
Norbs Mar 09, 2012
No, it's just my sarcastic sense of humor...

Think some of these public safety article are ridiculous. Anything is dangerous if you use it wrong (Cotton can choke you if you inhale it). Not realizing your car is still on while stepping out of it? Seriously?

Of course this happened in Florida...
tpark6283 Mar 09, 2012
I knew you were being sarcastic. Have you ever driven one...I did and I did leave the car running while I was in the store. I guess I walk to fast and didn't hear the ringing bell. THis is supposed to be informative to be people...then there is always that one person!
Norbs Mar 09, 2012
Sorry, I think I might have a bias against people being oblivious when it comes to anything related to driving. I drive a motorcycle and I avoid A LOT of oblivious people that merge into me or cut me off or are just plain inconsiderate (but probably stems back to just being oblivious).

However all that said, no, I have not owned a push to start car so I apologize... (and here is a plus for you).
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tpark6283 Mar 09, 2012
Thanks, a thumbs up to you and safe riding!