Horse meat found in Ikea's Swedish meatballs | Fox News

Disgusting, maybe ok in other countries.
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What's the matter?
Acidbaby Feb 26, 2013
Who cares, meat is meat is meat. Doesnt matter if its a heifer, opossum or a horse. Somewhere in the world its eaten. People here see horses as pets so its taboo. Go to Papau and have a guinea pig and tell me its not delicious.
rd995 Feb 26, 2013
no wonder they always giving free meals oh well they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger something like that :P
deal Feb 25, 2013
Wow that's just not cool. Oh my and to think I have the swedish meatballs from IKEA at home. :(
themoneyman1113 Feb 25, 2013
Oh no this is nasty, nasty. Gross too-- Not good to read before lunch either :(
additc Feb 25, 2013
ew still
LindaKNor Feb 26, 2013
I totally agree!
LindaKNor Feb 25, 2013
Besides the fact that I love horses and would never knowingly eat one; I am concerned about horse meat having chemicals not safe for human consumption. When we would worm or give our horses shots, they said on the label "Not for use in animals for human consumption." How many of these animals just receiving such medications end up slaughtered. It's a scary thought. Also, I believe that the meat product should clearly say what animal source it is so we can knowingly decide if we want to consume it.