How to Make Keurig K Cups and Other Ways To Save On Them


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How to Make Keurig K-Cups

There are the two ways I know of to make your own K-Cups:
Invest in a reusable filter

For under $11 you can get a hard plastic, refillable, reusable K-Cup complete with built-in coffee filter. This lets you make your own k-cups. Just fill the device with your favorite coffee or tea and brew.
Use My-Kaps to make your own

My-Kaps are round plastic caps that replace the foil-sealed lid on an already-used store-bought K-cup. After putting a coffee filter in the plastic portion of the cup, then filling it with grounds, you’ve got a homemade K-cup. You can get 18 My-Kaps for under $30 shipped, which allows you to make a bunch of K-Cups in advance and preserve the convenience factor of a Keurig.
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