How to Save on Groceries

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branie Apr 21, 2012
Good read. We try to save money, but everything is soooo expensive. Coupons and shopping only for sale items is all we do. Milk we get at a local store for $1.50 a half gallon compared to $2.29 at Walmart.
arsiel Apr 20, 2012
That was worth reading. Didn't know chain pharmacy's milk was cheaper.
I did know, however, that ethnic grocery stores tend to have cheaper produce
blackfoot Apr 20, 2012
Good article, Lots of tip and advice. Thanks
nthsll Apr 20, 2012
Great article. I really liked the Coupon Sherpa thing. Ima have to see if I can tag my wife's iPhone with the local card savings. Thanks.
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greenwood625 Apr 20, 2012
Nice one
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DanFinance Apr 20, 2012

That's what I use to save money. Tips on groceries, tv/internet/phone bills, rent, credit cards, debt, cars.. take a look, and add your own tips.
Dexterous Apr 20, 2012
Great article Jasoned. Definitely need some tips to save some on kitchen stuff and groceries
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Florida2Texas Apr 19, 2012
I have found this one indian grocery store near my house that sells all the groceries at a flat rate of 99 cents per lb which turns out so cheap, since i can mix and match lot of variety! Great article though!!
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wdjdac Apr 19, 2012
Use Coupon, lot of coupons.
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EzzyLovesToSave Apr 19, 2012
Thank you!:)
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shimisi Apr 19, 2012
Picked up a couple of good tips from this. Thanks!
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solowkoe Apr 19, 2012
good read and nice post. some good savings tricks ;)
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rockinnrolla Apr 19, 2012
Nice article! Thanks! :)
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glwrks Apr 19, 2012
Good article...I always check the per oz on the shelf tags, and wonder why is there always one size that I have to convert:/..."One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong..."
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FibroMom Apr 19, 2012
Thank you - cool article! Every penny saved HELPS BIG TIME right now! :)
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jasoned Apr 19, 2012
You are very welcome! I agree. I'm looking to save any way I can.