HP Touchpad 32 GB 149.99 at OnSale.com (For those that received cancellations)

**Only valid for customers that purchased a TouchPad through OnSale and had their order(s) cancelled.


1. Provide your original Order ID and E-Mail address.

2. Go to your inbox and click on the link.

3. Provide your order details including address and payment method.
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What's the matter?
keaton Sep 25, 2011
Just got the email from Onsale that mine had shipped, guess it will be ebayed
DeRoTheMoFo Sep 23, 2011
Seemed to work just fine for me. Thanks!
keaton Sep 23, 2011
I ordered one, Had already recieved one from insight.com during the rush, not sure what i will do with a second one.
flipper22j Sep 23, 2011
I'll buy it from you if you don't know what to do with it??
MHT962 Sep 22, 2011
Why would they recognize Amazon orders and how is it ok that Amazon would share their order numbers and details with them? How would Onsale get the Amazon numbers to be able to confirm and process them? Are they related?
rambg Sep 22, 2011
Yes. Marketplace sellers integrate their checkout system. Hence Amazon shares and pass all the info along with their order numbers to marketplace seller system.
khaber Sep 22, 2011
How about who ordered using amazon?
yuuyee Sep 22, 2011
Yes, it applies too. Look for your cancellation email from amazon, copy and paste order ID. It should be there. Goodluck!
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khaber Sep 23, 2011
Thanks, it works for me. I hope it will not canceled again.
flipper22j Sep 22, 2011
Ok it worked after a couple of times....fingers crossed
flipper22j Sep 22, 2011
I think i'm putting my order number in wrong because it's saying the item is no longer available? Did i put in to late?
MrBklynW Sep 22, 2011
i got mines, just a min. ago. you must be doing something wrong.it should say your verified and send a e-mail to the e-mail address you placed your order with.
rambg Sep 22, 2011
Thanks for posting. I just placed mine too. Hope this time they will honor the sale as it is restricted one per order per household.
rambg Sep 23, 2011
Received shipping notification as well.
khaber Sep 24, 2011
Did they send you the tracking number?
pendletonmike Sep 22, 2011
I just placed my order. They have a disclaimer that they might not have enough touchpads coming in to fulfill all the canceled orders from august 21.