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It used to be that if a friend of yours tweeted an Instagram photo it appeared right in line on or in a Twitter app. You didn't have to click on a link to see the photo, it just showed up right in your Twitter feed.

It used to be that way.

On Sunday, Instagram yanked that feature, no longer allowing photos to appear in Twitter feeds. An Instagram spokesperson confirmed yesterday that the feature had been pulled and that there were no plans to re-enable it.
What's the matter?

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LokaFreeThings2 (L4)
Dec 11, 2012
Facebook is taking over everything. They bought Instagram and see Twitter as their competition so want to cut ties.

I wish someone would create a new social networking site so Facebook would go away. I've never liked Fb. They're overrun with Ads and give users barely any privacy or control and want to be integrated with everything online.
DealLeader (L5)
Dec 11, 2012
And yesterday Twitter rolled out filters to basically do what Instagram has been doing. Quite the little spat, isn't it?

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