iPhone 5 is coming (REAL SOON)

Lets admit it, as bargain hunters we almost absolutely never recommend our friends and family to go directly to an Apple store to buy Apple products. (Unless is a friend or family you dislike) As many may already know re-sellers are probably the best place to be when finding an deal for an Apple product. Whether it'd be Macmall, Best Buy, Amazon, or even eBay (Reputable Seller).

So what's the sign that iPhone 5 is coming out? Well, for the Apple store, they will eventually run into a shortage of the latest iPhone (this has NOT happened yet). Another sign of the iPhone 5 coming out soon is re-sellers like Fry's Electronics, Best Buys, Target dropping the price to the latest iPhone 4S. Fry's Electronics was the first ones to drop their price in the beginning of the month from $169, $249, and $269 for an 16gb, 32GB and 64GB respectively. That is a whopping $30 off, 50 off and $120 off the latest iPhone 4S!

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What's the matter?
krmills1 Aug 14, 2012
I have an iPod touch and that is all I need, I already have an android phone but I use my iPod to do everything on when I am at home with WiFi.
Uetian Aug 14, 2012
After so many years of "Iphone fobia " I switched to Android last year and love it. Don't think will go back to Iphone soon.
shimisi Aug 14, 2012
The scary part is that the iPhone 6 won't be too far behind.
Subha83 Aug 14, 2012
Waiting for iphone5.Thanks for the news.
ReturninVideoTps Aug 14, 2012
Can't wait for it! If the pricepoint is right, i'll have to buy one
MrBklynW Aug 14, 2012
must have! need iphone 5! my 4 is starting to feeling sluggish. my hands are itching already bigger screen, new look, faster processor=P****

Thanks TOTOOO!
hutuka Aug 14, 2012
Nah...I'll pass
poe601 Aug 13, 2012
My contract is up in September and I hoping to get the 5. Last week I saw that sprint had dropped the 4s to $149.99 and free activation. I knew then that it was a matter of time.
s_m1978 Aug 13, 2012
I went to bestbuy today...asked about this...they are saying 100% chances by Sept end it will be in market.
I am too waiting my contract got over in June with iPhone 4 now it's 5's turn.
audiocracy Aug 13, 2012
I've been saving my renewal since February. They need to hurry up =[
stanluca Aug 13, 2012
how is this a deal??? what??
seanvcxz Aug 13, 2012
I can't wait to see exactly what this phone is going to look like and be able to do.
tpark6283 Aug 13, 2012
Not much time left on my current contract!! I can't wait!!!
arsiel Aug 13, 2012
I've been due for an upgrade since May and I've been holding out solely for the new iPhone. It really can't be announced/released soon enough!
branie Aug 13, 2012
Weird. I was just having a conversation about the iPhone 5 with an 11 year old about 30 minutes ago. He hopes to be one of the first of his friends to get it, funny thing is his Mom still has the iPhone 3 :) Kids :) When I was 11 I had board games and dolls kids nowadays want the latest gadgets despite the cost. Crazy world we live in.
shimisi Aug 14, 2012
I'm not anti-technology at all, but when 10-year-olds are asking for iPads/iPhones from their parents instead of "10-year-old stuff", it can be a bit unsettling.
Texas_Aggie Aug 13, 2012
I won't say I'm not ever buying Apple again, but I'll likely be moving to the Windows 8 platform this fall after using Apple for the past 3+ years. Why the jump? Well, I don't like the fact they're changing the plug so that it won't dock with any of the previous products. And I don't like the fact that they're getting rid Google Maps & YouTube apps since they can't play with Google any longer.
portal45 Aug 14, 2012
Google maps is indeed a loss, but I use YouTube's site over the app anyway. The mobile site is actually very easy to use. Windows 8 mobile will be interesting. Competition is good.
Reject Aug 14, 2012
Honestly, the new Maps app isn't bad at all (including Yelp and a cleaner interface). And, as portal45 said, the YouTube mobile site is much better than the app.
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tanush6 Aug 13, 2012
mrbob Aug 13, 2012
I'm never getting an Apple product ever again. Poor support and account fraud
Asten77 Aug 13, 2012
not to mention being a morally and ethically corrupt company. They have no problem using others' ideas, but don't use a rectangle for YOUR tablet, or they'll sue you.
drewskidooo Aug 13, 2012
I think this might be my first iphone! I can't wait!!! Thanks!
Acidbaby Aug 13, 2012
And the 4s was probably my last. New for both of us yay :)
Dexterous Aug 13, 2012
My plan still have some months left, It would be awesome if new iPhone in market comes and time to get new plan catches. This will be great discount for me :)