J.C.Penney's Unveils New Pricing Strategy

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What's the matter?
VirginiaPeanuts Jan 27, 2012
The commercial is pretty funny! all the sales are like, 5%, 67%, 42%, etc... Although few of their items actually sold at "regular" price, it will be nice to see lower and more honest prices rather than searching through those chaotic sale racks for something that is worth purchasing
additc Jan 26, 2012
im already starting to see the little tags too
arsiel Jan 26, 2012
Heck, maybe JCPenny will save more money by not having to print the ton of those sale signs all the time
megamac125 Jan 26, 2012
and the environment :)
I always wondered why all the stores spent so much money - each sale they have to pay the employees to re-tag everything, hand the new signs, etc...that could be more money coming off the price!
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jasoned Jan 26, 2012
This will make my wife very happy. Thanks for the info.
bbattag Jan 26, 2012
They def need to do something different, so maybe this will help
poe601 Jan 26, 2012
Thanks for the info, heard someome saying something about this,
akaricke Jan 26, 2012
I saw a commercial for this and was wondering what it was about
mnvikings11 Jan 25, 2012
Oh how the times they are a changing!
tekman2500 Jan 25, 2012
never really shopped at jc penney's but i really like what theyre doing. itll be refreshing to see $20 price tags instead of $19.99.
hqian1 Jan 25, 2012
Good to know.
grandma5 Jan 25, 2012
The store clerk at the catalog dept. here told me this about a wk. ago, said they had a new CEO & to expect changes on pricing. Lower prices - fewer coupons.
megamac125 Jan 26, 2012
Yep - their new CEO is the person that was in charge of Apple's retail stores.
blackfoot Jan 25, 2012
Have to see how this really pans out. True savings would be nice
branie Jan 25, 2012
Ok, time will tell on this strategy! Good read though!
krmills1 Jan 25, 2012
I was just in my local JcPenneys a couple days ago and they had already started doing this. All the price tags had little stickers on them covering the price with new prices, like $10, 15, 20, etc. Its about time they just lower the prices on everything and stop having those stupid "LOWEST PRICE OF THE SEASON" sales every single week. Do they think we are that stupid that we don't know they inflate the prices on the price tags and then have a sale every day of the year!
dvinegrace83 Jan 25, 2012
AAAAMEN! All about marketing I guess. People wanna feel like they're getting deal when a lot of the time they're just playing with the prices and yo-yo-ing/redistributing..whatever u wanna call it!
Acidbaby Jan 26, 2012
Actually most people are. Ever notice all the plus ratings here for Aeropostale sales? Aero never sells anything at retail price. Except when they have a sale and the prices are the same they were the day before the sale but now they mark it off the retail price.
helloamy1977 Jan 25, 2012
Marking down by at least 40%. I would like to see that. Thanks for the article.