JcPenney to Make Deeper Price Cuts

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What's the matter?
s_m1978 Aug 05, 2012
I am going jcpenney today.....hope of getting best deals.
additc Jul 30, 2012
i saw some mens
arizona collared shirts for $6
ruthanne Jul 29, 2012
Pennys new pricing is fabulous!!. No ads, no sales, no deadlines about when you have to come in(that's big for me. My time counts), no coupons - mobile or otherwise. Just go in, pick up what you need or want and know the deal is fair (and I'm a big comparison shopper!) and if it's still not enough for you, wait for the Friday sale business. I LOVE the policy they've had in effect for these last months. Simple, no hassel and fair. Saves me a LOT of time and energy.
Dexterous Jul 28, 2012
i want it to happen soon
poe601 Jul 28, 2012
I love Penny's so more of a discount is great to me, just wonder if they can make it with more price cuts.
Subha83 Jul 28, 2012
Like Jcpenney.If they give more discounts.I will go more.Need more coupons too.
mnvikings11 Jul 27, 2012
We always go there for back to school shopping for new clothes for the kids.
arsiel Jul 27, 2012
I don't know if this is a good sign or not... Are they successfully attracting more customers, thus they are able to cut prices even more? Or is it not working and they're increasing price cuts in hopes of causing more of an attraction?
aznballa161 Jul 28, 2012
According to the article, it seems like their change wasn't working so they are trying to make even bigger price cuts. Their stock has plummeted over the past few months. In my opinion, their prices are not bad at all, but people like "sales". They like seeing that stores are having "sales" and they love having coupons because they feel like they are getting a great deal; So even though their prices are decent, their strategy is definitely driving customers away. Seems like the only company that can make the "every day low price" strategy work is Wal-mart
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catchersmom Jul 27, 2012
they are losing customers with the pricing now and no sales
tpark6283 Jul 27, 2012
I go there to get my daughters portraits taken n their prices all over seemed pretty reasonable, but I'll take more discounts :-)
hemalaa Jul 27, 2012
They should probably start their 10$ off $25 coupons. Its been a while.
grandma5 Jul 27, 2012
Interesting. I'll check on the prices more often now. Thanks.
ArtemisDeals Jul 27, 2012
OOooo I like going to JcPennys and they already have some good deals! If they are even better I will be checking it out more often :)
solowkoe Jul 27, 2012
it sounds like they probably won't be able to make it. I rarely go there myself.