Kmart First To Introduce Free Layaway Online And In-Store

See PR news release here

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What's the matter?
deal Sep 10, 2012
Oh this is awesome. Kmart is finally offering this. Thank you for the heads up!
Dexterous Sep 09, 2012
this is good news, online and free layways
aznballa161 Sep 09, 2012
this is very interesting. it's nice to see it coming it from kmart!
krmills1 Sep 09, 2012
I think layaway should be free anyways! I understand why they charge a fee, but this will bring in more customers!
bbattag Sep 09, 2012
Toys R Us was the 1st one to do it. Kmart made a good choice and followed. Im sure many more will follow. Props to all of the retailers that do. Im sure this helps many people, especially those who may struggle to buy their family presents for Xmas
crystalfranklin1 Sep 09, 2012
Wow this is going to be so nice come Xmas time!! :)
MrBklynW Sep 08, 2012
agree...definitely pulling all the stops for the coming holidays=D
wonderwoman1969 Sep 08, 2012
I think Walmart lost a lot of money when the chain stopped layaway. I think Kmart will get a ton of Christmas sales from this promotion. If the chain keeps their prices competitive, this can only help drive holiday sales.
dvinegrace83 Sep 08, 2012
woah... kmart's really pulling out all the stops aren't they? haha
blackfoot Sep 08, 2012
Interesting concept, nice to have now that the holidays are coming up on us.
gangstabarbie Sep 08, 2012
I'm actually loving the pink k Mart sign! Very sexy!
MdavidK30 Sep 08, 2012
At first glance I thought this was old news.
But, layaway online?
mnvikings11 Sep 08, 2012
I hope that this catches on.
ArtemisDeals Sep 08, 2012
wow free layaway! That's really nice for the people who use it :)
shopange08 Sep 08, 2012
Now that is pretty cool.. I'll definitely be taking advantage of this--thanks!
newjerseychickxo Sep 08, 2012
Before you know it Christmas will be here. Layaway will be on my agenda for sure.:)
xptrish Sep 08, 2012
The less time I have to spend in stores the better!
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tpark6283 Sep 08, 2012
I have never heard of online layaway, and making it free is awesome! I'm going to have to check it out!! Thanks!!
rd995 Sep 08, 2012
free layaway online sounds like a good idea, you see a deal put it on layaway and pick it up later when you have the money nice idea
themoneyman1113 Sep 08, 2012
Should be interesting to see how it works and if other stores follow. Good read. Thanks
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FibroMom Sep 08, 2012
Now THIS Is something I've been waiting for! If Walmart and Amazon follow suit with this idea I will be IN MY GLORY! I may never leave the house again! ;) Thanks for the super article! :)
boricua1 Sep 08, 2012
wow free layaway on line??? never heard of such a thing..interesting