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What's the matter?
rkdtlb Mar 21, 2013
Used both coupons (stacked)
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deby32953 Mar 21, 2013
Same old, same old.
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EzzyLovesToSave Mar 21, 2013
@deby32953 Is someone tired of shopping at Kohl's?:)~~
deby32953 Mar 21, 2013
@deby32953 Tired of these codes being posted every month & getting FP. I guessed this code 28 days ago (along with 18 others - ask brethonriot, akaricke, fibromom) but couldn't post & by the time I think of posting a deal, it's already done (along with my codes being posted by others here & elsewhere.) It becomes tedious. Every month the same thing & the credit never goes to Oz behind the curtain (who by the way, shares all their codes for others to use on unnamed sites.) I get tired of getting no credit.
MrBklynW Mar 22, 2013
@deby32953 lols kohls should make you your own private coupons=) DEBY30...DEBYFS...DEBY20...DEBYFTW...=P
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deby32953 Mar 22, 2013
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deby32953 Mar 22, 2013
@MrBklynW I do have my own code with Tanga, DEBYSDEALS, every single Tanga code can be replaced with it & work. Try it sometime. And have my own website by the same name, just been too damn sick & tired to work on it. I have 3 infections right now & 2 surgeries upcoming, just diagnosed w/3 new diseases! Always something w/MS! But am incredibly blessed.
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deby32953 Mar 22, 2013
@MrBklynW 3 night now straight w/insomnia. Homecare nurse is going to call an ambulance soon if I don't get some sleep!
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MrBklynW Jun 03, 2013
@deby32953 wow i didn't know you left all these messages. sorry. i have a hard time keeping up with notifications. i like tanga and you have your own website? i will check it out=)
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MrBklynW Jun 03, 2013
@deby32953 can't find it on google, let me get the address=)
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deby32953 Jun 04, 2013
Debydeals on my Facebook page. Check on my profile here for my Facebook link and then look on the left of the page for debysdeals. I'll send the direct link when I'm back online but am not feelin well today. Using cell phone.
poe601 Mar 21, 2013
I love having my Kohls Card I only buy during these discounts for card holders.
rockinnrolla Mar 21, 2013
SUPER codes if you have a card. Thanks for sharing. :)
backspace Mar 06, 2013
I was waiting for this code..Many thanks
poe601 Mar 06, 2013
Great, love having the Kohls Card and getting the discount and free shipping.
branie Mar 06, 2013
Awesome for card holders, which I am. Key is to pay the balance off every month as the interest on this card is way to high and getting 30% off gets wiped away when you carry a balance.
reneerinke Mar 05, 2013
i just tried this and i have a kohls card and it does not work!
YesBoss Mar 05, 2013
The Code Valid from March 6 - 13, 2013. Won't work Until March 6th
dddsss Feb 19, 2013
love their open return policy. hope i get time to shop
mikhaila Feb 19, 2013
I will be checking this out 100% thanks!
Kumarplus Feb 19, 2013
thanks for the coupons.. lot of items to select from specially from clearance section.. ordered my stiff .. :)
MrBklynW Feb 14, 2013
awesome coupons for card holders=)
deby32953 Feb 13, 2013
So glad when I got my Kohl's card. My son is glad he finally got his also.
tpark6283 Feb 13, 2013
Sweet looking for a bigger item and this will help a lot!
newjerseychickxo Feb 13, 2013
I'll be taking my mom shopping real soon. Thanks for sharing.
erick99 Feb 13, 2013
I am not a cardholder so these deals are frustrating for me. I don't have any credit cards at all - they are like crack for me so I just don't have any. Nice deals for those that have one, though.
dealio23 Feb 13, 2013
30% off is great! I have to go get a Kohls card! Thanks :)
chuckydealpl Feb 13, 2013
some really good sale items to go along with the discount and kohls cash
xptrish Feb 13, 2013
Awesome! Time to shop!
branie Feb 13, 2013
Cool, I am card holder and do enjoy the perks. Thanks a bunch :)
ukaran Feb 13, 2013
Beautiful Silver Jewelry collection. Nice Find.
Dexterous Feb 13, 2013
I dont have kohls card, this is not for me :(
glwrks Feb 13, 2013
I ran these codes...working like a charm!:)
rockinnrolla Feb 13, 2013
I really should get a Kohls card... But I would get into trouble! LOL :P
FibroMom Feb 09, 2013
Some Awesome discounts for card holders coming up! I REALLY need to get a card! With as much as I spend at Kohl's they should PAY me to take one! ;)
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minamesk Feb 09, 2013
I guess it's time I get a Kohl's card