McDonald’s confirms that it’s no longer using ‘pink slime’ chemical in hamburgers | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

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What's the matter?
newjerseychickxo Feb 02, 2012
Now thats just great,all this time,kids have been eating THAT!!!
dvinegrace83 Feb 02, 2012
omg before clicking to enlarge i thought that was a flamingo! mcdonald's uses flamingo meat in their chicken nuggets?!!! ;)
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additc Feb 02, 2012
I thought that for a second too
newjerseychickxo Feb 02, 2012
I thought the same.;)
jasoned Feb 02, 2012
My day has been ruined. It will take me a day to recover; then I can go back to eating McDonald's.
zoelee Feb 01, 2012
Burgerking abandoned it too. We have to be careful and read the labels when we purchase in supermarkets. Some of the manufactures might still use it..
branie Feb 01, 2012
Just gross! Although I guess we should be happy they are no longer using this grossness!! SMH
Christine Feb 01, 2012
ughhh this is what i try to push out of my mind when i get cast food...which isn't very often but still =p
audiocracy Feb 01, 2012
I've always known this. Just don't eat it in excess and you should be fine.
seanvcxz Feb 01, 2012
But it tasted so delicious?
arsiel Feb 01, 2012
I thought they used that pink gunk for their chicken nuggets
iowahawkeyes Feb 01, 2012
What is the ONLY people still using that gunk? The schools! Why are they making our kids eat that crap? Its not like school lunches aren't more expensive that fast food, so saying they can't "afford" better quality meat is false.
additc Feb 01, 2012
i thought it actually looked like strawberry froyo
nimase85 Feb 01, 2012
that's what i was thinking lol
krmills1 Feb 01, 2012
That is absolutely disgusting! That picture looks like a big pink snake! Thanks for the article. I don't eat fast food very often because of the UNKNOWN!