NASA will pay you $5000 to Travel to Hawaii and Eat Astronaut Food

"We are seeking participants for a 120 day Mars exploration analogue mission (Hawaii Space Exploration Analogue & Simulation, or HI-SEAS), to take place in early 2013 on the Big Island of Hawaii."

If you are chosen, you will earn round-trip travel to Hawaii, lodgings, Astronaut food, and $5,000.
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What's the matter?
snypin04 Feb 24, 2012
yea i could never do this. PLUS $5,000 isn't that much for 120 days - that's equivalent to $15,000 a year AND you have to spend 4 months in isolation? and eat crappy food? haha
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kffight3r Feb 24, 2012
helloamy1977 Feb 25, 2012
I would think nasa had more money to spend.
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petros Feb 24, 2012
I knew there had to be a hitch but not to the back of a pickup truck ... All those rules, where's the fun?
blackfoot Feb 24, 2012
Crazy, Gonna pass this one along. It's worth a trip to Hawaii for sure
tm8644 Feb 24, 2012
120 days with limited and delayed communication with outside world....Hmmm
I think people who are married to their electronic gadgets and/or internet communication will suffer.
tm8644 Feb 24, 2012
"Routine communications with the outside world will be limited to e-mail, ftp and web with a built in 5-minute delay. Power (110VAC) from the generator cannot be guaranteed to be absolutely reliable."
vimalr Feb 24, 2012
Need to give this a try.
FibroMom Feb 24, 2012
Darn it - I was thinking about sending my Teenager! ;) (Nice Vacation for me!) ;)
VirginiaPeanuts Feb 24, 2012
Lol! I'm gonna forward this to all the people I know with unemployed college grads living in the basement. i'm sure at least one might qualify, although if they meet all those qualifications I can't imagine they'd have difficulty finding a job!
FibroMom Feb 24, 2012
LMAO! Ya just never know - there are a LOT of people that are SO dang smart but just Too Dang Lazy to go to work! Eating Astronaut Food in Hawaii may be Just up their Alley! ;) *PS: If the parents CAN get them to go... tell them to MOVE while the kid is gone and NOT leave a forwarding address! ;)
mnvikings11 Feb 23, 2012

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, in engineering, biological or physical sciences, mathematics, or computer science.
Professional experience (including graduate school) of at least three years beyond the bachelor’s degree
Ability to pass a class 2 flight physical examination
No history of upper airway surgery, rhinoplasty, chronic rhinitis or chronic sinusitis
No other medical or psychological condition that would preclude participation in this study
Willingness and ability to eat a wide range of foods
Normal sense of taste and smell
Tobacco-free for at least 24 months
Demonstrated ability to conduct field research
Strong interest in human space exploration
Fluency in verbal and written English
Availability and willingness to take time to participate in the workshop and the two analogue missions
Experience in a complex operational system, e.g. submarine, ambulance, airplane cockpit, control room
Background in medicine or nursing at the “first responder” level or higher
Ability to lift 15 kg and to cover 100 m on foot in 40 seconds or less
Experience in construction, electronics, or home repair
Body mass index between 19 and 25.
Not pregnant or lactating during 2012 and 2013
Household cooking experience
Valid driver’s license
Age between 21 and 65
arsiel Feb 24, 2012
Holy cow. I wonder why it's in Hawaii
krmills1 Feb 24, 2012
They want to use the lava fields.
scatman Feb 24, 2012
So close, I just need professional experience
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kffight3r Feb 24, 2012
looks like I qualify except the tobacco part lol
mnvikings11 Feb 23, 2012
Damn sign my ass up for sure.
stonekoldk Feb 23, 2012
These just seems weird, but hey, you'd get $5000 and free food and lodging.
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seanvcxz Feb 23, 2012
Wow sounds like fun. If you like living in a lava field.
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