Netflix officially separates DVD, streaming pricing; $15.98 and up for both

Netflix hadn't hinted at any upcoming plans to change the services it offers, but NewTeeVee spotted an unadvertised DVD-only plan on its site a few days ago, and an anonymous tipster from within the company indicates that's just the start. The page offers unlimited DVDs by mail, per month (one at a time) for $7.99, which slots it between the standard DVD & streaming combo plans and a $4.99 offering that gives just two DVDs per month. According to the tipster we spoke to, Netflix is planning to change its pricing entirely, by also implementing a streaming only plan with no discs for $7.99, and jacking up the minimum pricetag for combined services to $15.98 from the current $9.99 it has charged since November. They indicated the change would take place tomorrow night around 9 p.m., with customers notified by email and no plans to grandfather any of the old pricing setups along. With aggressive expansion plans pressing forward and its costs to acquire content rising sharply, hiking the price by 50 percent on many of its 20 million+ subscribers could be the easiest way to make the numbers add up, it could be just those subscribers who are left to determine exactly what Watch Instantly streaming (or DVD access) is worth to them.
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What's the matter?
rd995 Jul 12, 2011
i had netflix like 2 years ago at the beginning it was great, then movies will not be available for a long time so i will watch 1 dvd every other week or so so i switch to renting on redbox pay 1 dollar per movie and 2 dollars for game rental good to try out games when you not sure if you goint to like it or not
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i2rule Jul 12, 2011
There are a lot more option now then just Netflix. I could justify when the price went up to 9.95 for 1 dvd and unlimited steaming but 15.95 is another matter. blockbuster, redbox,hulu plus, vudu etc sound like a better deal. Anyhow Netflix steaming has gotten very weak over the past year. There Streaming selections are starting to get very limited and it seems nothing new worth steaming is available except for documentary or B-Rated movie you never heard about. New releases come to Netflix about 1 to 2 months from there release date anyhow. There are also never any new releases on streaming. Other options here I come.
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bran2c Jul 12, 2011
I agree with i2rule! Time to drop Netflix and switch to Amazon Instant Video.
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oligumzo Jul 12, 2011
How is this robbery? No one held a gun to your head and made you subscribe. Netflix is awesome. Much better value than renting at the superstore or the limited selection available at the vending machines. And all the movies are delivered to home or streamed. Long live netflix, bye bye blockbuster.
i2rule Jul 12, 2011
I'm dropping Netflix once the price goes up. This is just a robbery!
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