Nexus S – The new Android phone from Google

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What's the matter?
followme Dec 10, 2010
not bad! how muce it is?
goodfetch Dec 07, 2010
cool. i love it
ahuimanu808 Dec 06, 2010
Anyone know if this will work with the tmobile Tzones plan? I know the nexus one does....
encorez Dec 06, 2010
The bottom line is this. If you are an iPhone user this isn’t going to make you switch. If you’re an Android user you will want this phone more than any other.
meneeococoa Dec 06, 2010
Hm, a dedicated GPU is awesome, but other than that, don't see how it is much better than current new android phones (like the Evo or Epic). I suppose built in 16gb memory is nice, but storage is never an issue with microsd slots. Personally, I LOVE the Evo's kick stand and dual-super-insaneo-bright LEDs.

And I know plenty of people who have sold their ipods/iphones because they got newer android phones. Now that the games are starting to come over to android, iphone doesn't look as appealing as it used to. (Of course, I'm a Sprint user that has insanely cheap virtually unlimited everything, so I'm pretty biased. But my ipod definitely sees less use after the Evo showed up at my doorstep...)
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audiocracy Dec 06, 2010
When's my intel i7 phone coming out? =[
willdealplus Dec 06, 2010
Only thing is that is made by Samsumg..Just personally I have bad experience with Samsungs cells
cs378 Dec 06, 2010
Oh man... why this thing dont got HSPA+... damn
midnite Dec 06, 2010
What happen to the A9 Dual Cores?
tonman23 Dec 06, 2010
basically took the other galaxy s phone specs and filled in the missing pieces. Love the Galaxy phones - the random shutdowns with my Captivate!
nimrodboy3 Dec 06, 2010