Papa John's | Free Pizza Super Bowl Coin Toss Contest

Winners will receive a promotion code good for a FREE LARGE 1-TOPPING PIZZA, which can only be redeemed at The promotion code will be emailed to winners on Monday, Feb. 4, 2013 by 11:59 p.m. PST.
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What's the matter?
xptrish Feb 03, 2013
Just got an email for Papa J
Thanks For Voting,Watch The Game To SeeIf You Made The Right Call

Tomorrow winners who made the right call will receive an email with a promotion code good for a large FREE PIZZA with 1 topping.

Emails with winner's promotion codes will be delivered at Midnight PST, Monday, February 4.

Winners will have until Sunday, Mar. 10 to redeem their promotion code online for a large FREE PIZZA with 1 topping - plenty of time to order your hot, fresh FREE PIZZA!
shopange08 Feb 03, 2013
Can't wait for the big game! Might be too nervous to eat, but I'll sure give it a try LOL. GO RAVENS!!!
VirginiaPeanuts Feb 03, 2013 says its ended :-(. Should have entered yesterday!
tanush6 Feb 02, 2013
anything for pizza...nice post and a great deal
xptrish Feb 02, 2013
Get ready to get lot more clicks...posted on Facebook and told family,lol
Dexterous Feb 02, 2013
eat pizza drink pizza sleep pizza, is coke free? nice coupons
Dexterous Feb 02, 2013
i mean
shimisi Feb 02, 2013
I can't even remember which one I chose anymore! Not that it matters, since it's a majority vote. Good luck, everyone!
shimisi Feb 03, 2013
I was told it may not be a majority vote after all. It would just depend on what the actual toss result is..
zarrow Jan 21, 2013
Apparently a lot of users won last year. What was the toss result last time?
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nimase85 Feb 02, 2013
I think heads but they gave everyone who entered free pizza
LokaFreeThings2 Jan 21, 2013
Heads!!! lol Papa Johns has some good pizza:p
YesBoss Jan 21, 2013
If you win, you will receive an email by end of day Monday, Feb. 4, the day after Super Bowl XLVII, with a unique promotion code valid for a LARGE 1-TOPPING PIZZA redeemable at
nandakumar Jan 21, 2013
I won last year in real, but ate free pizza in dream..
gabsmoooth Jan 21, 2013
use tow emails and two people. i have a room mate so he voted one way i voted another. wont loose that way and worse case scenario we both get a free pizza..
shopange08 Feb 03, 2013
I was thinking the same thing! Great minds think alike :)
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chuckydealpl Jan 21, 2013
i was lucky enough to win last year, hope i win one again
MrBklynW Jan 21, 2013
lols hmmm... worth a try. thanks!
blackfoot Jan 20, 2013
Nice deal hoping to win a free pizza this year.
helloamy1977 Jan 20, 2013
Papa Johns is my favorite delivery pizza and the free pizza last year tasted sooo good
ArtemisDeals Jan 20, 2013
So funny this came up. Just ate there tonight! I will be trying to win a free pizza for sure :)
wannabecool Jan 20, 2013
Awesome ... thanks!
StephanieV Jan 20, 2013
Going to try it, hopefully I win one.
abhingb Jan 20, 2013
I won a pizza for participating in it.. dont miss it
s_m1978 Jan 20, 2013
I voted heads.....I am sure it will be heads only...
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TaintedBlaKK Jan 20, 2013
Good way to get some free food. Nice deal that you found.
mikhaila Jan 20, 2013
Sucks I can't get this but good luck to those that will participate
shimisi Jan 20, 2013
50-50 chance for a free pizza, and not much work to get in it. Deal!
nimase85 Feb 02, 2013
Well last year they did this and they have everyone who entered a free pizza no matter how you voted... So maybe better then 5050
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shimisi Feb 03, 2013
That's true. I also wondered if they would've come up with a different promotion had Peyton Manning been playing in the Super Bowl this year :)
poe601 Jan 20, 2013
Did this last year, thanks for the heads up on this year.
branie Jan 20, 2013
Thanks for the information. I think I did this last year?? Although I can't remember eating the pizza we won :)???
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mnvikings11 Jan 20, 2013
We don't have this in our area, but is a great deal for those who do.
ilene285 Jan 20, 2013
Nice. I won a pizza last year with this.
Florida2Texas Jan 20, 2013
Cool. I remember doing this last year and got a free pizza. Too bad Peyton is not in the super bowl race anymore but is still having to advertise for it!