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What's the matter?
catchersmom Apr 12, 2012
No thank you, I am not a hotdog fan
jasoned Apr 12, 2012
But trust me... Wrapped in pizza crust with cheese and pepperoni, you gotta be a hot dog fan then. Right? :)
catchersmom Apr 12, 2012
Nope will not happen LOLOLOLOLOL
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Christine Apr 11, 2012
so many pizza deals recently!!! i'm gonna hafta start being picky otherwise i'll be eating only pizza =p
ricci4pres Apr 11, 2012
call me when the crust is made out of a donut, and the toppings are mini cheeseburgers
zacharyzblewski Apr 11, 2012
When they bring it to America they can make the crust out of Doritos. And put gravy and sprinkles and Crisco on top.
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jasoned Apr 11, 2012
lol! Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
zacharyzblewski Apr 11, 2012
Forgot the Mayo on top, the deep-fried butter on the side, and the gallon of energy drink.
VirginiaPeanuts Apr 11, 2012
I saw this online. I was kinda grossed out at first but the concept is pretty interesting. It'd be really good if it was a soft pretzel crust with nacho cheese and relish but I suppose it wouldn't even be a pizza at that point!
heyimdennise Apr 11, 2012
oh my! it sounds delicious! YUM!
FibroMom Apr 11, 2012
I heard this on TV... makes me kinda sick to be honest - but interesting article...
wannabecool Apr 11, 2012
That was kinda what I was thinking...