PlayStation 4 specs: PS4's GPU to feature dual APU and GPU

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A report has surfaced that claims the PlayStation 4 will be featuring a dual graphics processing structure that is comprised of an APU and GPU.

According to a report from Think Digit yesterday, a Sony patent has revealed the dual setup will be able to handle separate tasks, therefore making the performance of the system immensely more smooth.

"Graphics processing in a computer graphics apparatus having architecturally dissimilar first and second graphics processing units (GPU) is disclosed.

"Graphics input is produced in a format having an architecture-neutral display list.

"One or more instructions in the architecture neutral display list are translated into GPU instructions in an architecture specific format for an active GPU of the first and second GPU," the patent said.

Previous graphics specs reports have stated the PS4 will have an AMD x64 CPU, and an AMD Southern Islands GPU.

The GPU is supposedly capable of displaying 4096x2160 resolution, and the system will also reportedly have the ability to display 3D games in full high-definition.

Another feature stated the then dubbed PlayStation Omni will feature tech "very capable of [displaying] modern day graphics compared to a Direct X 11 level of technology like Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2."

No official statements have been released from Sony at this time.
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