Pricey picks: Powerball tickets doubling to $2

Lottery organizers hope the price change will entice more people to play because jackpots are getting bigger and the odds of winning are improving.

The price change takes effect Jan. 15.
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What's the matter?
FibroMom Jan 02, 2012
Interesting! I guess they feel the Odds of Winning get better because fewer people will play - BUT - if fewer people play - then the Jackpot won't exactly get Bigger... Hmmmm - something to contemplate... but as far as MY opinion goes - I liked the $1.00 Price Point MUCH better - easier for the MIND to justify a $1.00 purchase for a "Try" than a $2.00 purchase. (IMO)
cgrobin Jan 02, 2012
The other day the jackpot was $124 million, how much higher does it need to go for more people to play? At $2 a game I'll stick with state's Lotto.
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arsiel Jan 02, 2012
Who came up with "the odds of winning are improving"?!?! :[
Brentheriot Jan 01, 2012
Personally, I'm less likely to buy the tickets with the dollar increase on a chance. If I have $10 to spend on tickets, I'll only buy 5 instead of ten.... That doesn't exactly increase sales
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branie Jan 01, 2012
Agreed, if I have only $10, I am only buying 5!! How is this going entice more people to play if it is more money then before? I wonder who comes up with these ideas?? lol :)
branie Jan 01, 2012
So double the price means double the jackpots?? I liked $1 bet on a chance to win 213 million or so..Not sure this is a good thing??????