Rare McDonald's Monopoly Game Pieces for 2012

Here is the list of rare McDonald's Monopoly game pieces for 2012, along with the prizes you could win:

Mediterranean Avenue (#925) and Baltic Avenue (#926) (8,500 Prizes): $50 cash. Mediterranean Avenue is the rare Monopoly game piece. The odds of finding the winning combination is 1 in 402,602.

Oriental Avenue (#927), Vermont Avenue (#928), Connecticut Avenue (#929) (20 Prizes): $5,000 cash. Vermont Avenue is the rare piece. The odds of finding the rare piece and finishing the winning combination are 1 in 578,695,060.

St. Charles Place (#930), States Avenue (#931), Virginia Avenue (#932) (250 Prizes): A Beaches Luxury-Included family vacation worth $7,500. Virginia Avenue is rare. The odds of finding rare Virginia Ave are 1 in 12,953,122.

St. James Place (#9339), Tennessee Avenue (#934), New York Avenue (#935) (20 Prizes):$10,000 cash. Tennessee Avenue is rare. The odds of finding the rare game piece for this property are 1 in 518,330,833.

Kentucky Avenue (#936), Indiana Avenue (#937), Illinois Avenue (#938) (20 Prizes): A trip to Any Delta Vacations Destination worth $10,000. Kentucky Avenue is rare. The odds of finding rare Kentucky Ave are 1 in 161,914,024.

Atlantic Avenue (#939), Ventnor Avenue (#940), Marvin Gardens (#941) (20 Prizes): $20,000 cash. Ventnor Avenue is rare. Finding rare Ventnor Ave has odds of 1 in 499,516,192.

Pacific Avenue (#942), N. Carolina Avenue (#943), Pennsylvania Avenue (#944) (20 Prizes): A 2013 Fiat 500 Sport Hatchback worth $18,500. Pennsylvania Avenue is the rare Monopoly piece. Odds of finding Pennsylvania Ave and winning the car are 1 in 158,948,243.

Park Place (#945), Boardwalk (#946) (2 Prizes): $1,000,000 payable as an annuity. Boardwalk is the rare game piece. Winning the million-dollar prize by finding the rare Boardwalk place are 1 in 306,939,484.

Reading Railroad (#947), Pennsylvania Railroad (#948), B&O Railroad (#949), Short Line (#950) (20 Prizes): An EA Sports fan trip worth $7,000. Short Line is rare. The odds of finding the rare Short Line piece and completing the set are 1 in 539,566,072.
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hungthuy Oct 14, 2012
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moose Oct 07, 2012
they say "1 in 4 wins!"
Hahahaha I have had just 2 wins in over 20 pieces.
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bbattag Oct 06, 2012
1 in 306,939,484 for boardwalk. haha. Wow good luck!

Funny that short line has ever worse odds though
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