Ready or Not Apple iPad: Amazon's New Tablet is On the Way - International Business Times

The Taiwan tech newspaper quoted sources at component suppliers saying Amazon's first tablet verision, a 7-inch unit, is being manufactured by Quanta Computer, and that it will begin shipping in October, in time for holiday sales.

Mass production of Amazon's 10.1-inch version tablet will be "conducted in the first quarter of 2012 with Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry) to handle the orders," according to the report. FoxConn already manufactures Amazon's popular e-book reader, the Kindle. The company also makes Apple's iPad and iPhone.

Amazon is expected to price its new tablet lower than Apple's iPad, particularly in light of the TouchPad's success during the $99 fire sale after HP discontinued the product. Amazon isn't likely to dip that low in pricing, but the company could dip below the $300 price piont and find success, some analysts say.
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What's the matter?
scrid2000 Sep 04, 2011
I doubt $300 would be selling at a loss. Tablets are way overpriced for the cost of the hardware, and with Android the OS/development is free.
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nagamasa Sep 05, 2011
The 32gb HP touchpad's cost of materials was ~$310 so if you bill it just to hardware, then yes, they're probably making a little money back. But what you're not factoring in is the cost of design & hardware development which will likely be what make this selling for a loss.

Also, OS development is never free. What vendor would actually put stock Android onto their tablet? While the base code might be open-source, the additional programs/modifications obviously cost the company money (they have to pay someone to do it).
tc1uscg Sep 04, 2011
What people fail to notice is APPLE has bullied thier way into the market and will FORCE people like Target, Walmart and other big box stores to not carry it, and make threats against manufactures of gadgets for the device, pretty much running a good thing out of the market, like they did with other MP3 players. Apple sucks and doesn't play well with others.
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elmotactics Sep 04, 2011
Apple can't force them to do anything.
nagamasa Sep 04, 2011
Apple does indeed force a lot of things. Due to the huge market share & quantity of units Apples sells, they essentially have free run at the manufacturers & retailers. The sheer amount of lost revenue & opportunity is how Apple "bullies" their suppliers, retailers, and competition. While you might say that this is unfair, it is essentially how all of capitalism works; Apple is just doing a great job at it.

I, for one, don't enjoy how Apple handles their business and especially how many restrictions they put on their consumers: they are elitist, overpriced, and will only let you play in their extremely small sandbox. As such, I will not buy their products if I can avoid it (which is 99.9% of the time).
BDRand Sep 11, 2011
I think you're confusing Apple with Sony. Sony is the electronics bully. As for Apple, they couldn't care less what Target and Walmart do. When you bring the kind of quality things Apple brings to the market place, people will seek them out and bypass the "Apple-like" products. No need to bully.
tc1uscg Sep 30, 2011
Just because Apple has market share doesn't mean they have a better product. Apple hype is driven by the media, and lots of people come and drink from the well. Yes, my kids have iPods. They have never had a new one because everytime the old one breaks, BestBuy replaces it with the next version. So, right now, all 4 kids are at the 3rd gen and holding. I still have the 1st version but hardly ever us it. I still go back to my creative Zen that has a 40gb drive. It might be old but it's a mp3 player and it does that very well. My point, they do break, they are not perfect and ride the wave of hype. If they do anything well, it's getting people to buy into it.
BDRand Sep 03, 2011
If Amazon sells the 10.1 inch version at below $300, they will be selling it below their production cost. If their tablet succeeds, they had better hope adopters will buy the whiz out of their apps, movies and music, otherwise they will find themselves in a deep hole. If they plan to recoup their losses taken on the hardware by bumping their app prices that probably won't fly either. Sounds like risky business.
kuthedude Sep 04, 2011
Care to speculate about speculation any more?
elmotactics Sep 04, 2011
Amazon has already stated it will be taking a loss on all tablets. The integration with all it's services (music, movies, books, apps, etc...) are going to pay the difference. Amazon has the user base to pull it off.
BDRand Sep 11, 2011
Sorry kuthedude... had to speculate. My crystal ball was a bit cloudy that day, but, nice of you to comment in such a derogatory way!