Free Month of Redbox Instant Streaming + 4 DVD Rentals

*One month free trial offer for new subscribers only. You can cancel anytime during the 1 month trial to avoid charges.

Includes Four 1-Day DVD rentals [additional nights may be an additional charge]
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What's the matter?
glwrks Jan 01, 2014
Glad to see "Streaming" in the title. I was glancing at this while the kids were here earlier this eve, and we were under the impression you had to go to "the red box"...we don't have any remotely close.
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tr1plication Jan 01, 2014
Great way to spend New Years!
krmills1 Jan 04, 2013
I signed up and am waiting anxiously in line!!!
krmills1 Jan 04, 2013
What does Verizon have in this, are they the ones providing the streaming or what?
sfreestuff Jan 08, 2013
Verizon hopes that this deal gives it more leverage when negotiating FiOS TV programming contracts. As part of the agreement, they also get access to your RedBox rental history.
tc1uscg Jan 04, 2013
These are fine and dandy but has ANYONE ever sit back and realized what Redbox, Hulu+, Netflix are doing? They are getting us hooked on "bandwidth" and mark my friggin word, our ISP's will clamp caps on us faster then we can boot up before we know it. So, lets stream our little hearts out because just like "unlimited data" on our cellphones, it's coming to an end at a ISP near you. And with Verizon behind redbox, No F'in thanks.
Vinkoniggma Jan 04, 2013
I hope games will be included in the future, just like Blockbuster Online.
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dvinegrace83 Jan 04, 2013
ooo redbox does instant streaming now? yes!
zacharyzblewski Jan 04, 2013
People need to stop dismissing this service before it even gets off the ground. It is in beta right now. It will come to more devices as time goes on. Netflix streaming was originally only on computers as well.
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tc1uscg Jan 04, 2013
Streaming is great for now but when the ISP's get hungrey for revenue, don't bet they won't enforce caps or sell tiered service. And I wouldn't trust Verizon as far as I can spit. Caps are coming and with Big Red in the mix, get ready.
zacharyzblewski Jan 06, 2013
Verizon =/= Verizon Wireless.
Peppee Jan 04, 2013
Great deal!! good idea.. i like it..
jkbane Jan 04, 2013
Some competition
vimalr Jan 04, 2013
good to see some alternative to netflix.
abu5692 Jan 04, 2013
Great deal. I like it. thanks
boricua1 Jan 04, 2013
wow I didn't know they started this..really nice to know
tpark6283 Jan 04, 2013
Hopefully my laptop gets fixed soon so I can take advantage of this!! Thanks!
DealLeader Jan 04, 2013
Sweet deal. Thanks for sharing!
albertoa76 Jan 04, 2013
Is this only via the PC? It wont stand a chance against Netflix until it makes it to devices like the Roku, PS3 and on phones. They also need to factor in people who rent Bluray over DVD. I dislike the still having to pay .32 on my card for a bluray when you get a "free rental".
sfreestuff Jan 08, 2013
They have an Android App.

Be thankful for what you get, especially if it's free.
chuckydealpl Jan 04, 2013
Look for an email soon inviting you to try out Redbox Instant by Verizon for one month free with subscription.
blackfoot Jan 03, 2013
Good offer to watch movies, didn't know redbox was doing this now.
Florida2Texas Jan 03, 2013
About time redbox started instant streaming as well. Definitely worth checking it ok out.
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dealwagger Jan 03, 2013
No kidding--we're taking a break from dish service to save some money so this will come in handy!
aznballa161 Jan 03, 2013
this is great. trying to take some customers away from netflix! may just work
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