Redbox Instant app Now Available On Microsoft Xbox 360

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We knew that Redbox Instant would be coming to Xbox 360, it was specifically betrayed by a leak way back in November and the company has been pretty up front about the planned support. Now the app is available through Xbox Live, delivering its streaming library to millions of Microsoft gamers. The $8 a month service just became available to the public during the last week. If you're curious, but not quite ready to add another subscription to your life, Xbox Live Gold customers can enjoy a free trial of 4,600 unlimited streaming titles (though the 4,000-plus movies available for purchase or rent will still set you back a few more bucks). To try it out yourself hit up the Xbox Live Marketplace, where you'll also find the newly launched GameTrailers app.
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Mar 19, 2013
Oh nice, I wonder if any of the free codes that pop up might work for it.
Mar 19, 2013
Glad to see they keep adding ways to stream. When they add a way for me to stream I will get excited so I can try out this service, so far I have not heard the best reviews on it, but it's new so I will give it some time before I decide. JMO

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