Rumor: The Next iPhone is Coming in August

Will it be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6? One thing's for sure, it will have a better camera. Also, there may be a 5th Generation iPad in April.
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What's the matter?
LokaFreeThings2 Mar 08, 2013
I just really hope my iPhone lasts forever because I can't afford to buy another one lol
additc Mar 07, 2013
it did get a bunch of plusses
EzzyLovesToSave Mar 07, 2013
...a relevant heads-up:) Thanks!
s_m1978 Mar 06, 2013
Now what new feature they'll add....Samsung market is growing
aznballa161 Mar 05, 2013
i never have enough money to get the iphone when it comes out so i wait, and then another one comes out and i wait some more. i will never have an iphone
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cid681 Mar 05, 2013
Good, by now you should have 6 iphones worth of money saved up!
Gaylesheerin Mar 05, 2013
hate such rumors, it's just a phone
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cid681 Mar 05, 2013
Rumor has it there will be another Star Wars movie in the next few years too...
rd995 Mar 05, 2013
this is not even official its just rumors
Dexterous Mar 05, 2013
lol a Rumor deal
jkbane Mar 05, 2013
Why is this front page? This is not a deal. Its news.
seanvcxz Mar 05, 2013
I hope this is true because August is when I'm up for my renewal so I will most certainly be getting this phone!
zacharyzblewski Mar 05, 2013
You mean a new iPhone is going to come out this year, just like every year? I, for one, am SHOCKED!
Dexterous Mar 05, 2013
lol is this a front page deal?
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nthsll Mar 05, 2013
Yeah and the iPhone 6 or 6s will be out in March, then the 7 or 7s in October of next year. Ditto with the iPad 6 and 7, none with enough change to justify the "New" (or price) tag.
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hemalaa Mar 05, 2013
not a deal still made it front page.
belarus94 Mar 05, 2013
Im sorry but why did it get to front page? Oh, wait a minute. I see who voted on it. Lame, IMHO.
bbattag Mar 05, 2013
Agreed. Def not front page material